Monday, May 30, 2011

Dumb Diets

My brother brought up his June/July issue of the Reader's Digest today.  There are several pages of "dumb" things but I thought I'd share with you the Dumb Diets in this article. 

Sleeping Beauty Diet

If you aren't awake, you can't eat, right?  Advocates sedate themselves and sleep for days. 

The Tapeworm Diet

Take one orally, or, according to, "travel to a part of the world where beef tapeworms are endemic" and infect yourself that way.

The Cotton Ball Diet

Begin each meal with an appetizer of cotton balls.  The balls will fill you up so that you won't want to eat as much.

The Baby Food Diet

Babies weigh next to nothing, so it makes sense to duplicate their diet, right?  In this case, replace your meals with pureed peas, fruit, carrots, chicken, whatever.  Just make sure it comes in those little jars. 


Horace "The Great Masticator" Fletcher preached chewing each mouthful exactly 32 times until the food was "purified" and then spitting out what remained.  This way, you get the nutrients with fewer calories. 


Repeat, these are Dumb Diets so please don't try these at home.


  1. Um...Duh. What else is there to say?

  2. LOL! I want to do the Sleeping Beauty Diet. I could really use the sleep. Ahhhhhhh.. sleep and weight loss?? What could be better??

  3. I just saw something about eating baby food as a diet plan the other day on TV. I didn't see the whole segment but I couldn't help but think how crazy that was. And sedation for days? Talk about going to extremes and risking your health. How about just getting up to move a bit and cutting back on some calories? It's gotta be better than eating pureed peas.

  4. Wow! I knew people do crazy things but wow! I can't stand the feel of cotton balls in my hand, never mind eating them!! Yuck!

  5. You know you've read a lot of dieting books and articles in your 51 years when I'd heard of ALL OF THOSE.

  6. That is so funny! Thanks for posting it. Hilarious actually. The cotton balls make me gag just thinking about them.
    I could get into the sleeping beauty though...

  7. I like the Sleeping Beauty Diet! I could use more sleep anyway, lol.

  8. Interesting Debbi. Also glad your daughter can join just remind her she just wants to be healthy, don't get it in her head that there is anything wrong with her, once it's's stays.
    I'm taking this week off from blogging but will try and read a bit here and there. Need a break and have to get some stuff done.
    Take care and have a blessed week.

  9. Good diet: reading about stupid diets. It will gross you out enough to kill your desire to eat anything for hours. I mean cotton balls. Really? YUCK!

  10. Yes, dumb diets. BTW, I LOVE th fact that your daughter is joining the slimmer this summer challenge. At 14 she can learn some life long habits that will keep her healthy. Good for her!

  11. I wonder if my daughter would like to join the challenge. She has been trying to eat healthier and exercise more. She is also 14.
    I just left a comment over at the post about the Slimmer This Summer Challenge. I had a few questions and left my email if you would be so kind as to respond. Thanks.

  12. Tapeworm...Really?!? People are CRAZY!

  13. Ha ha! Never heard of the Sleeping Beauty diet. Wonder if I can pawn my kids off on someone for a few months. LOL!!

    The tapeworm thing is just disgusting...

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