Monday, May 16, 2011


Okay.  I needed some time to regroup.  I did quit the challenge I was in before. I hate that I did because I hate quitting anything.  But I did. 

I was struggling with a lot of things.  I wasn't following the meal plans perfectly for one thing,  I was staying MOSTLY in it and staying within calories but I was not following it perfectly. Then came the Phase 6 Guinea Pig challenge. I was pretty gung ho at first and there were pro's and con's.  I could see where it would get me focused to continue on afterwards by starting (again) so strict. 

On the other hand, I was cutting some broccoli and cucumbers for my family one evening and totally, desperately wanted to snack on a cucumber.

Cucumber was not on the liquid diet. 

That led to my "Aha moment" so to speak.  I didn't want to continue on a diet where cucumbers are forbidden.  It wasn't what I wanted to do anymore.  I didn't want to feel guilty if I subbed something on the menus.  I no longer wanted to rely on vitamins and jello to get me through the day.  I get that this was voluntary and that I didn't have to continue and I just simply didn't want to anymore. 

I also didn't like the way my blog was heading. I felt that it was becoming all about this challenge.  I originally wanted it to express myself honestly and to record my meals. I was no longer able to do this.  I didn't even want to continue writing on the diet blog. 

I certainly was happy with the results that I was getting.  I learned a lot from this challenge and made some very good changes in my eating.  But I no longer wanted to continue doing it his way.

Another reason is my dad has been in and out of the hospital with different ailments and procedures and it just became too difficult to continue the liquid diet while dealing with that.

So I didn't. I stopped.  I finished my 2 week guinea pig plan and I then opted to quit the challenge. 

I needed some time to get my head back straight.  I thought about just doing it on my own. I've done that before and it's worked.  But I enjoy the support from others. I enjoy supporting others. With the help of a good friend, we're going to continue to use that support and start a summer challenge.  I believe that we both will be more successful helping each other and if we can get others on board, then more power to us!  More details tomorrow about the challenge. 

Email me if you are interested in a summer challenge to get fit and healthy! 


Today's Eats:
Bagel Thin, Egg Beaters & Laughing Cow cheese = 175 calories
Orange Cream Yogurt = 100
Salad w/lots of veggies and dressing = 200
Blueberries = 40 calories
Turkey sandwich = 175 calories
1 oz. peanuts = 160 calories
1 cup Pea 'n Peanut Salad w/white beans added = 360 calories
Popcorn = 100

Total calories = 1310 calories

I didn't plan on eating the stupid peanuts.  I hadn't had peanuts in a LONG time and holy cow they were good.  They are safely hidden in the cupboard and will go to work with the husband tomorrow so no more damage will be done. 

The Pea 'n Peanut salad was really good.  I don't know where that website got their nutritional stats from but mine came in very nice.  I used light mayo and Italian dressing and less peanuts which certainly helped.  Plus I added a can of white beans for more protein.  Because I snacked on the peanuts, I ate it just as a salad, but tomorrow for lunch, I plan to eat it on a tortilla as a wrap.  Yum!


  1. I posted on my blog today about how being on Medifast has made me appreciate food and it made me think of that when I read about how you wanted cucumbers! I am wanting yogurt(but cant have it)! hehe. I hope your dad feels better soon. Take care.


  2. I can say that I find challenges helpful to keep me focus. And with 39 pounds yet to go, I need to STAY focused for various months yet. Maintenance is a whole other journey. :)

    I like that you can be yourself again. And I will say that anytime we feel we can't eat CUCUMBERS---I mean, CUCUMBERS!--I agree that maybe it's time to re-evaluate.

    My continued goal is to ingrain this level of eating. I pretty much figure that I won't be able to eat much more than my dieting caloric level at goal weight, so I might as well get used to this now. I can have a slight feast day now and then and not regain, but day in and day out has to be THIS, pretty much what I do now. I don't want to have a radically different way of eating, then ahve to reacclimate to my "sorta lifetime" eating.

    I'm eating the way I'm gonna eat in 6 months and in a year and prolly in 6 years (unless a medical thing requires otherwise or some great scientific insights into health via food dictates).

    So, yeah, I understand.

    You can be individualistic now. Choose your meals. Blog about your own food and discoveries. And that's good.

    If the challenge can have concrete and measurable actions and goals, yeah, I wanna be a part.

  3. I am so glad you're back. I have been following you for awhile and I missed you.

    You're not a quitter. The other plan just wasn't for you at this time.

    I would be interested in a summer challenge. I have gone vegetarian for the next month for testing cholesterol purposes. So if it's more about the weight loss or maintenance instead of exact foods, I will probably be in.

  4. As usual, PD summed up my thoughts perfectly :) If it makes you feel any better, I'm a quitter too, and for many of the reasons you listed. Keep up the good work! I'm sure you'll do great, challenge or no challenge.

  5. Okay, so you gave it a go and decided it wasn't for you. Personally, I don't think I could do an all liquid diet - I'm a foodie, so it wouldn't provide enough food gratification for me.

  6. I kinda get what you're saying. The way I read it is that you can't keep at a plan if you can't even eat a healthy non-caloric food like cucumber. Because let's face it, what is the harm in having a whole cucumber that has less than 10 calories, no sodium, no sugar and no fat? Unless it leads you to eating more foods that you shouldn't eat, of course.

    I believe that not every plan works for everyone; I've seen that's been the case for me. Sometimes it's due to medical issues, sometimes it's due to cultural beliefs, other times it's because of how we view food in our lives. Just don't stop trying to find the balance you need to continue losing successfully.

  7. Do it for yourself, not because someone else has a "better" plan.

  8. I really respect your decision. You're staying true to yourself. Rock on!


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