Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What is Normal?

I had a weird thought the other day.  I'm almost normal fat. From MY perspective at least.  

I used to look in the mirror and quickly look away because, "That can't be ME in the mirror!"  . Major denial going on for sure. 

Well, now I weigh less.  While yes, I am still obese. I can look in the mirror. I don't mind having my picture taken.  I feel more "normal".  I'm as big as one of my friends who I never really considered fat. 

But I'm still fat. And I really, really want to lose weight!

When I look around me, I see a lot of people who are overweight. The majority it seems.  Actually, most the people I consider overweight, are probably obese.  I'd have to be 169 in order to be just 'overweight'.

Heck, I'd feel downright SKINNY if I was 169.  But I wouldn't be. I'd still be overweight.  I've said before, "I don't want to be skinny." (sure I'd like it but I've never been so it seems unachievable.)

So what do I want to be? Overweight? 

What is normal? 

Ready for a challenge!  Email me if you want to join our Slimmer This Summer Challenge!

Today's Eats

Carnation Chocolate Breakfast - 170
8 Grape Tomatoes - 32
Key Lime Yogurt - 100
Pea and Peanut Wrap - 280
Pretzels - 100
1 cup Pineapple - 83
Pea and Peanut Wrap - 280
Steak - 200

Total calories = 1420 calories


I ate more than desired today.  I am shooting for 1200 calories and clearly went over that. The pineapple and pretzels were NOT on the plan.  But cutting into that pineapple was just too tempting. It was perfect. 


  1. I know exactly how you feel! When I tell people I'm "obese" they don't believe me... but I have to be 180 to be overweight. I'm 225 right now.

  2. Even though you went a bit over your 1200 calorie goal, I bet you still ate way fewer calories that you would have pre-diet. Heck, you could have consumed 1420 during one snack session.

    I'm different than you in the fact that I never think my reflection in the mirror looks as big as I really am. But then I see a picture of myself and can't believe how heavy I am.

  3. Well being just overweight does not incur many (if any) health problems and its mostly cosmetic, so for me anything between the "ideal" BMI 20-25 weight is healthy and "normal".

    I used to be at "normal" weight and trying for this again.

    Also, I think 1420 calories should be fine for you even if its not your goal calories :)

  4. You are a truly beautiful person Debbi. I am thankful you have embarked on this journey for health and self esteem (body image) reasons for you, and for your children.
    I think "normal" is an illusion whether you are talking about weight or budget or anything else! Shoot for healthy and see how you feel from there. It's a lifestyle change and choice, not a race. It's never going to be over, so make sure you like how it's going.
    I love you and am so grateful every day that you are my friend.

  5. The problem is that our new normal is now overweight. Do we want to accept that? Will the next generations new normal be obese? Then morbidly obese?

    I think we have to vigilant on becoming a "healthy" weight for own body. BMI can be a good factor, but not always.

    I am 5'4" and weigh 110 lbs. ... but I am "skinny fat" due to my not exercising enough.

  6. I get that all the time, that I'm not OBESE I am still obese. I'd have to lose 14 pounds to just be overweight at 185. To be "normal" weight for my 5'6" I'd have to get under 150.

    I figure I'll have at least 10 pounds of hanging, excess skin (if not more), and I've built a lot more muscle in 3 years. So, I figure when I'm 160, minus excess skin (that only surgery can get rid of), I'd actually be nearly kinda normal. :) So, that's my goal. Nearly, kinda normal. :)

    But I'm still obese. I'm just at the lower end of obese, 101 pounds lighter, and I don't run from the camera anymore. Yeah, I'm a fat chick, but I'm a fat chick who's made a helluva lot of progress.



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