Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 1. Off to a GREAT START!

I like to record my food on my blog.  My plan is to take pictures of what I eat as well.  Although, don't be surprised if that isn't consistent. It's a busy summer and it just might not happen everyday.  Half the time I can't find my camera either.  It's the first day of the challenge so I wanted to start out good! 

I'll warn you, I can be a boring eater.  I eat a lot of leftovers and I often will eat the same breakfast for 2 weeks straight.  I actually do better with consistency and little change.  This week will probably be even more boring as we're going on vacation next week and I'm just trying to use up things out of the refrigerator and use freezer food. 

Plus, I told the family that I plan to take a break from cooking.  Obviously I need to cook but I am like 2 months ahead with posts for my food blog so I don't feel the need to make a whole bunch of new recipes.  That being said, I ENJOY making new recipes so I'm sure there will still be plenty. 

Monday's Eats:
Breakfast: Egg beaters, Kims Light Everything Bagel & Garlic Herb Laughing Cow Cheese = 175 calories

Morning snack: 1/2 cup vanilla light n fit yogurt + 1/2 cup blueberries = 100 calories

Lunch: Broccoli salad & Bean Burrito = 355 calories

I didn't get shopping yesterday so I didn't have any lettuce for a salad. Actually, I don't have too many fresh veggies at all. But I did have some broccoli so I made a broccoli salad.  3 oz. of broccoli, 2 tbsp. fat free Raspberry Pecan dressing & 1 tbsp. sunflower seeds = 130 calories of deliciousness.

To finish off my lunch, I had a Chipotle Bean Burrito. I made a huge batch of the bean glop the other day and there was still some in the refrigerator.  I didn't have any toppings but it is so flavorful, I love it just as it is. Super simple and very filling. 1/3 cup bean glop and a 100 calorie tortilla is about 225 calories.  It may not look pretty but trust me, it is delicious.

Snack: Watermelon = 100

I think I've already cut about 6 watermelons this summer, at least. The family loves it and it's cheap!

Dinner:  2 Apple & Onion Quesadillas w/2 tbsp. light Sour Cream on Whole Wheat Tortillas = 440 calories

I made these awesome quesadillas with cooked chicken, onions, red peppers, cheese and apple.  Dipped in a bit of sour cream, they were delicious! 

Breakfast = 175
Snack = 100
Lunch = 355
Snack = 100
Dinner = 440

Total = 1170 calories

Today went perfect.  Not hungry at all and eating on plan.  Let's hope the next 83 days of this challenge go as well! 


  1. Oh you are stylin' with the eats. It looks healthy and very tasty. Great show! Good going!

  2. Ahh! Laughing Cow Cheese! That's what I forgot to get this week!

    I do well with having the same meals over and over for breakfast and lunch--I'll do the same thing all week. I like to change dinner up a bit since I can have a few more calories then.

    I love the pics!

  3. I'm a boring eater. I have REALLY busy work weeks, so I cook on the weekends and eat what I made all week. Works for me. *shrug* Lots of great recipes around here I'll have to start checking out. Any vegetarian? Here's to day 2! Cheers!

  4. how do you get your Quesadillas to stick together to cook them without using huge mounds of cheese? especially with such a mix of ingredients? Or does it just not take as much cheese to keep things together as I'm thinking (having never made them before?).

    I'm not sure what my goal weightloss is (or if I even want one at this point), but I'll be posting weight lost weekly as a marker. As for exercise, if I find I'm not losing then I'll looking into adding more than I'm doing, if I am losing I'll wait a while until it slows. I have a tendency to try and do too much of this stuff at once, which works great for the first couple of weeks until I throw an tantrum and give everything up.

  5. Oh my!! You are not a boring eater!! All your food looks sooo yummy. I am a boring Ok I am going to take pics of my MF food and compare :)
    Great day one!!

  6. I ever agree with Jade. Compared to you, I've got the corner on boring. Your food is just beautiful. I have a feeling you might actually make a cook out of me yet. Looking forward to doing this thang with you!

  7. I too eat the same thing for days, weeks, sometimes months even... LOL. I'm all about what's easy:-) Your menu for today looks great!

  8. It will be boring because tomorrow I will probably eat the same thing. Still have tons of leftovers in the frig.

    The quesadillas don't stick as good without a ton of cheese. It helps to take one torilla, put the glop on ONE side and fold it over. Then you have the fold to help keep everything in place. The second one I ate as a big taco, I just cut it into thirds for the picture. It helps to put the sour cream or sauce ON it too I think. Tomorrow I am going to try it with BBQ sauce instead of sour cream.

  9. YUM. I think what you had to eat is something I'd love too.
    You did great. I finally got my walk in but only 2 miles and 25 crunches. Now it's bed time.
    Take care my friend. 4 o'clock just comes so early. Sleep well.

  10. Wow Debbie, you're off to great start today. I have started counting calories instead of ww points for this challenge and I'm liking it much better. I was taking pics of my food before too but haven't for a while. I think I should try again though.

  11. I'm boring, too. I tend to have similar meals, just change up the fruits and veggies. I like things simple.

    And if it's Mexican, I love it.

  12. Congrats! Those Apple and Onion things look great! I may have to try them someday. :)

    It's been a sort of crappy day for us today here... Had a late breakfast, so we didn't eat lunch. I only had about 850 calories today. I'm not hungry at all, though, and it was tough to get in all of that.

    Tomorrow will be much better. :)

  13. Food sounds great, and very filling! Great way to start the week, Debbi! Lead the way!


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