Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are We Taking Our Goals Seriously?

So we all have our goals in place.  Now.  What do we do with them? 

It's one thing to write them down and plan the goals but it's another thing to actually implement that plan. How are we going to do that?

We recently discussed a religious article that focused on seriousness.  It was stressing that we should be serious about our spirituality and stay focused as to our spiritual goals. The article brought out that the world places a lot of its focus on "love of pleasure." (2 Tim. 3:4). It also said that we need to have a balanced view of seriousness and relaxation and use Jesus as an example as he took his ministry seriously but also took the time to relax and develop meaningful relationships.  (Luke 5:27-29, John 12:1,2).

Okay, so why am I quoting Bible scriptures on a weight loss blog? 

I couldn't help but see the similarity with weight loss.  Obesity is rampant all over the world, the world is more unhealthy because of obesity than ever before.  Clearly, the love for pleasure (food) is taking precedence over in our lives.  How many of us have tried dieting, only to fail and say "It's too hard!" or "I can't do it!"  If weight loss is that important in our lives, then we will TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.  It will not just be a casual, passing thing in our lives. 

Food can be enjoyed and pleasurable.  But if abused, it can and will hurt us or kill us.

Another bible reference I like it "Faith without works is dead." (basic english) James 2:17.  I have faith in the bible and what it says. However, just reading it or holding it doesn't help me, I need to put into practice Gods standards and live my life by it. Likewise, I have faith that my plan for weight loss will work. However, if I fail to continually put that plan into practice and hold myself accountable to live my life that way, then it won't work. Simple faith isn't enough. It takes effort, vigorous effort

We have our goals. Now it's time to take those goals very seriously and put effort into accomplishing them.  This isn't simply something that we should do or want to do, it's something that we all need to do. Now.


  1. Yes - We are like a three-legged stool-physical/mental/spiritual - if one leg is missing or weak the stool will not stand. There is a part of us that cannot be explained with blood/cells/tissue. That force of life within us calls us to worship. What we worship is a matter of choice.

  2. This is a wonderful post!! I needed that this morning! This helps motivate me!! Thank you for sharing this!!!

  3. Very convicting post. Thanks for sharing Debbi. What a way to motivate us!

  4. Yes! Exactly. I 'tried' to lose weight for many years. I didn't get serious about it until nasties like diabetes and a stroke slapped me in the face. Now I'm serious, and it was hard work. It's still hard work. I've shaped up enough to come off of meds, and goal is in SIGHT!!

    My best advice after vigilant prayer? Start Now, especially if you're young. A younger body is more resilient, more adaptable, and can regenerate muscle so much faster than a fifty year old body!

  5. Great post Debbie, just what I needed to read this morning, after not doing my weights yesterday! My excuse was I did housework, but I still should have found the time to do the workout too, even just a 10 min one!

  6. I absolutely agree. At the end of this 12 weeks, we need to show a lot of progress. With this many people making commitments, we need to take them seriously...walk the walk, as they say.

  7. You are the reverend of regime.LOL Thanks I enjoyed reading your post. This is what is great about blogs and following. The things you and others say is all part of the strength we can draw on to get this through this "serious" journey.

  8. Great post. I agree there is different strokes for different folks. But I can relate to this post. I rely on my faith for strength. This is a very difficult journey and sometimes a little helps is much appreciated no matter where it comes from. Gracie


  9. I don't take commitment lightly, so I am with you there.

    Since I tend to over-think things, I try to complete my daily checklist without over-thinking it. Works better for me that way. I find that over-thinking tends to sway me toward making excuses why I don't have time or can't do it. Instead of thinking about it, I just do it.

  10. What a lovely post! I have not thought of what I eat in spiritual terms, but I will now. It might be a good way of uncomplicating my relationship with food. I'll give this a lot of thought--thanks for posting it!

  11. Thank you for this post. It puts an entirely different view on my relationship with food.


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