Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Anyone hungry?

It's funny, somedays you can go the whole day, eating well, not hungry and come in great on calories.  Then another day, you can more calories but just feel HUNGRY all day!  Been there, many times. 

But still, I stick to the 1200 - 1400 calories a day. Why? Because it works. I promise. I've done it, I know it works. 

Often what helps me, if I am a little hungry, especially at night, is the thought of how many times I went to be STUFFED beyond belief. I guarantee I’ve gone to bed overfull way more times than I’ve gone to bed a little hungry. So if your tummy is rumbling a bit as you close your eyes at night, remember, the sun will still get up, the earth will still move and you will be okay. Really, really.  A little hunger never killed anyone. 1200 - 1400 calories a day is no where near starvation.  We can do this!

Matthew 5: 38-41
Matthew 5: 44
I'm a little behind in posting my foods but I AM keeping track!

Saturday Eat's
Carnation Instant Breakfast - 170
Banana = 100
Funeral food = 350 (turkey, cheese, carrots, fruit, bite of brownie, lemonade)
Special K Protein Bar = 170
Sweet & Salty Bar = 170
Vanilla lite n fit Yogurt & Blueberries = 140
Total = 1100

I did eat some at the funeral but ended up not eating at all at the graduation party. I was glad there was just cake and not too many other goodies, I'm not a huge cake fan but am more tempted by bars and stuff.  I ate my protein bar instead and then came home to another bar and some yogurt. Missing a lot of veggies though. 

Sunday's Eats
Egg Beaters, english muffin, ham = 230
Salad w/ fruit & dressing = 170
Chipotle bean burger & light sour cream = 230
Arnold Selects Sandwich thin = 100
6 oz. cooked chicken = 285
Potatoes = 170
Broccoli = 50
Special K Protein Bar = 180
Total = 1415 calories

Monday's Eat's
Egg beaters, english muffin = 175
2 turkey sausages = 80
Special K Protein Bar = 170
Salad w/chicken = 250
Watermelon = 100
2 turkey veggie wraps = 450
Total = 1225 calories


  1. So true! The sun always comes around again, and the food will still be there waiting!

  2. Been there done that.LOL. I seem to be hungry all day today and I forgot my carrots sticks at home. Man, thats sux. Hope you day goes well.


  3. One of the things I do when I feel really hungry but can not have any more calories is brush and floss my teeth. Works, too. My mouth is to clean for food!

  4. Your blog makes me want to eat, even though I'm not hungry. I'm stuffed in fact. But oh the pizzas and the chicken dishes look so good.


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