Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slimmer This Summer Week 4

So how did this week go? 

Are we staying focused on our goals?  Wishful thinking isn't going to get those goals met. Oh how I know this!  I can't tell you how many times I wake up just pumped and ready to have an awesome day only to find by the end of the day saying, "What was I thinking?!"  We need to stay focused daily.  *I* need to stay focused daily.  I feel like I did "okay" for the week.  I don't like doing just "okay".  For ME, that is too close to "not good".  I need to stay on track, stay focused and keep my head in the game at all times. 

Game on people, game on!


  1. I am getting very tired of my same thing diet. When I started blogging, I had more variety and was watching my calories. Now that I have turned it into a carb count..I screwed up twice this week and I am just upping my walks to just meditate on it all.

    I think a lot has to do with bragging. I did this many times. Like the bragging take with it some of my willpower.

    I agree. Game on. I want not to be so big by the fall holidays. I love sweaters. I will pay for one, if the size is right.

  2. I am bad about falling into a rut as well Scooter Butt. Things get rushed and I grab the same things I've been having for days. I have to make the effort to get in some variety. There are great recipes for low carb everywhere on the internet and books abound at Amazon.

  3. I totally hear ya about staying focused ALL DAY, Debbi. We can keep eachother accountable for it! I'll be back this evening and let you know how I did. :-)

  4. For me, I need to concentrate on staying focused hour to hour, not just day to day! ;) Let's go for it!

  5. It's an uphill battle that has it's easier days that's for sure! We all gotta stick to it though, find what works and stick to it:-)

  6. I did much better this week, thanks to STS for keeping me motivated.
    Come on Debbie, you can do this ;-)Have a great week.

  7. I've been doing alright on Weight Watchers so far. Now that I'm tracking more than just calories I am making better food choices. I'm having to eat a LOT less bread which I hate... but I'm doing okay I think. I use my weekly points for breads as a treat. Like I'll have a burrito instead of just scrambled eggs some mornings.

  8. Yep, I have sabotaged myself with bragging before too---that's why I'm excited but cautious this time around. So far, so good. I was able to stay on plan even with the big weekend we had!

    Excited, also, to see what everyone else was able to do. We can do this y'all- together!!!

  9. In response to the argument on my blog this morning between you and AlmostGastricBypass, I'm posting here in case you don't check back for responses:

    First off, to AlmostGastricBypass... I am doing this challenge for me. The fact that one of the leaders has had a personal problem with you, is irrelevant to my decision. The fact that the two of you have personalities that clash has nothing to do with me and my journey.
    To Debbi... there is no way for me to know what you said, what he changed, or what really happened between the two of you, but be assured that I don't automatically assume he is telling the truth.

    To both of you, pleas understand that as a practice I do not "take up the offenses of others", which basically means that just because he offended you, or you offended him, does not automatically mean that either of you have offended me. It is none of my business, and I prefer not to get involved.

    Now, once again to AlmostGastricBypass... please take your personal arguments and offenses off my blog, you have your own blog to post on should you choose to use it. The reason I directed that to you is that you are the one who came to my blog and brought this up, even though I had no part in what went on between the two of you.

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  11. sorry kids. I was on a mini vaca.. couldn't get my link up in time.


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