Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shoes Make Me Happy

I had a cavity. I hadn't had a cavity in almost 10 years. So I went to the dentist this morning. I walked. Yea! I walked. Granted, it's only like 2 - 3 blocks away but still, I walked.  There truly is nothing worse than the sound of that drill in your head.  I'm going to have nightmares tonight about it!

My daughter came with me and we passed a garage sale on the way back. The husband was back at home with 9 children here so clearly I wasn't in any hurry to get back home.  We took our time and browsed.  I scored a pair of jeans and jean capri's that fit perfect!  They looked brand new. Plus I got a shirt that fits nice too.  The daughter got a pretty shirt as well, it might be a bit low cut so she'll have to throw a tank top under it.  Then they had a nice pair of winter boots that will fit my oldest son and hopefully will be passed on to the younger one eventually. The best thing was the shoes I got.  They had a ton of nice shoes but many were in a size 7 and too small.  Some had some wicked heels and I don't do wicked heels.  Maybe when 50 more lbs. are off I'll try it.  So I got some sandals with a low heel.  They are a bit big but with a sandal, it's no biggie.  They are comfortable and I love them!  So 2 pairs of jeans, 2 shirts, boots and shoes for $9.75.  I left happy.

Anyways, I come home from the dentist all numbed up, crooked smiling like an idiot, while the kids are trying to make me laugh so I continue to smile like a doped up idiot.  I could feel the novocain all the way through my eye. Not pleasant.  Mental note: Brush more so I can avoid more cavities. 

Numbness didn't wear off until about lunchtime, at which point I was super hungry. Drinking was a unique experience with a numb mouth.  Still had to get the water in though!

We're getting ready for vacation so Hubs was nice enough to go to Costco. He fell prey to a bunch of samples that I never would have let encouraged him to buy. He tried to tell me about all the antioxidants in these. I ate one.  Ummmm, they are candy.  Period. 1/4 cup for 180 calories.  I'll stick with my blueberries.  

Then he tried hard to convince me how healthy these are.  "The lady giving the samples said they were healthy!!"  Well, they probably are healthier than regular chips but chips are my weakness. Big time.  I told asked him to take them to work.  I bought the veggie sticks at Costco quite awhile back because they were "healthy" and made from vegetable.  Yea, I ate the whole bag practically. Nothing healthy about that. 

One good move was the Special K Protein Bars.  They have pretty good stats, 10 g. of protein, 180 calories.  I had one for snack but it sorta turned into dinner.  I wasn't really hungry after it.  Score.

The rest of the day was pretty much the same as it has been all week for food. Same egg, cheese bagel.  Leftover enchilada for lunch with a salad with a bunch of fruit on it.  Yogurt for a snack. I made some leftover pasta for the kids with a bit of garlic bread, I did snag a bit of it.  I doubt it was as much as 100 calories though. 

Egg Bagel = 175
Enchilada = 250
Salad = 175
Yogurt = 100
Protein Bar = 180
Garlic bread & sauce = 100
Popcorn = 100
Total calories = 1080


  1. Looks like you did pretty good for having a numbed up mouth !! Plus BONUS on hitting that garage sale !

  2. Nothing is healthy when we eat it in large amounts. The pushers at the store do not want us to realize that because their goal is to get us to buy, buy, buy. Good for you to realize the difference.


  3. I don't let hubby go to the store unsupervised.LOL I've learned my lesson too many times. Have a great vacation!

  4. Great numbers!9 kids, wow not a dull household for sure. Love yard sales. That is a thing to look forward to when walking. We have no Costco just Sam's club. I got lucky last time I went there were mostly low carb samples. Meats, cheese and some zero calorie drink. I am drinking my weekly Powerade Electrolyte drink today. Just in case it has some mystery bloat action on me. I want that far away from my weigh date. When I get to maintenance level, I am surely gonna do these foods I am seeing on the side bar. Buffalo Chicken Pizza... (Homer Simpson drool...) LOL

  5. I hate, hate, hate the dentist therefore I haven't been in years. I take my daughter and she loves to go. I wish I did. My mouth would be in much better shape. I live too far out to walk anywhere. I guess they both have their perks.

  6. I was cracking up trying to imagine you drinking water with a numb mouth. Yeah...hubby doesn't go to the store without me. He's always bringing stuff home for the "girls" ;)

    btw...I didn't know if you accepted awards, but I nominated you because I love your blog and your support. Thanks for everything.


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