Wednesday, June 8, 2011


There are a lot of online challenges out there.  There is a great online support system for those who willing to listen and take the counsel of the people who give it.  I started this challenge to help myself of course, but also to lend a hand to those who are also struggling.  There are naysayers out there who say that we can't do it.  We will fail. Again.  Failure is not an option here people. 

I am very busy.  We're all busy.  We all have jobs, family, housework, pets and a whole lot of other junk in our lives.  The busyness isn't going to go away, if anything, in this fast pace growing world, it will just get more busy.

I've spent way too much time being busy and taking care of other things in my life. It's time that I make weight loss a priority in my life.  I've spent too much time ignoring myself and my body has paid the price.  I know that life is busy, it always will be busy. But we all need to make the time to do this.  All I ask is for the next 12 weeks that all challengers take this seriously and make this happen. I am committed to this challenge and I hope that everyone else continues to be committed for the next 12 weeks. 

Is it unrealistic for me to think that 50 some people will persevere through this for the next 12 weeks, link up each week and meet their goals? Probably. But I'm not willing to concede to that. We all joined for a reason. To lose weight.  So let's make that happen. Every last one of us!


Wednesday Eats:

Food started out the same today. Another light bagel, laughing cow cheese and egg beaters.  I have 2 bagels left in the frig and 2 days until vacation so guess what I'll be having for the next 2 days?  They are good, I've even eaten them for a snack before. 

Then for my morning snack, I had my yogurt with about 10 blueberries crammed in the top. I so love having fresh fruit around!

For lunch, I made a huge salad with broccoli, croutons, turkey and light Vidalia Onion dressing.  Yum!

With some more fresh fruit, this time raspberries. Everytime I eat raspberries, I think of when I was a young girl and my dad had raspberry bushes.  We picked them and probably ate more than we took home.  So as soon as I bite into one, it brings me right back there. 

I made chicken salad in the afternoon for the kids to eat for dinner.  They don't go for the enchiladas like I do so this was an easy alternative.  I love it and wanted something else to eat after my light lunch so I had a cup.  I used the picture from my blog and I didn't really have the apple next to the picture.  We're trying to use all the fruit before vacation and the apples are officially gone!

Then dinner was out of the freezer.  I made these Black Bean, Corn, Zucchini Enchiladas about a month ago. I didn't even eat one as I was doing the liquid diet during this time.  So I'm eager to try them. I ended up freezing 2 - 8 x 8 pans of them so you'll be seeing them again. I haven't even posted them on my blog yet.  They come in at about 250 calories per enchilada, that's rounding up actually.  I was pretty hungry and ended up eating 2 of them. Now I'm really full.  

Egg Bagel= 175
Yogurt/Blueberries = 110
Salad = 275
Raspberries = 10
1 cup Chicken Salad = 260
Black Bean & Zucchini Enchilada = 500
Total calories = 1330


  1. I certainly want to see a victorious bunch of folks come end of Challenge. I know they'll be HAPPIER and more ENERGETIC (and I certainly think this applies to me) should we meet our goals, are leaner, are stronger, are more empowered.

    I ask all challengers to shore up anyone who seems to be flagging. EVEN if it's me or Debbie. Don't let a challenger FALL. Don't let them miss an encouraging word when things are rough.

    And if you ARE having a rough time down the road (or this week, for that matter), please ask for support. Ask for good words, good vibes, or God vibes (aka prayer). Get professional help where needed (therapists, dietitians, doctors, trainers). But make it happen.

    Let's all see progress!

    High Fiving ya, D!

  2. I'm here until the end. I made a commitment to myself and all of you. I'm sure I will have moments of weakness, but that's what is so great about these challenges. There's always someone there to push you and remind you of why you're here. Thanks for doing this.

  3. I am here for ya Debbie. I also want to thank you and Mir for doing this. It really came for me at just the right time. I certainly appreciate everyone's support. Which I might say has been amazing. Gracie.

    Ya, I tried what you suggested, still cant comment properly. Oh well no biggie.

  4. StS! Shouted as one of Princess' favorite Spartans would!

  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Spartan abs...MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  6. I'm committed to the goals I set forth in this challenge. Therefore, I already believe I have achieved them. :-) Future See C. is already proud of me for the hard work I'm putting in. It's much easier for me to think about it as 12 weeks, though, instead of 80+ days.

  7. Sing it, sister! I agree with everything you just said! Food looks great BTW; maybe I should have you come cook for me and I could get my appetite back ;)

  8. I've had to learn to MAKE the time to workout, eat healthy, and make the right choices every day. It's tough, and I'm still struggling, but I'm here to stay. I feel like I need to prove to not only myself, but my husband as well. {He's just reminded me again, how I always half-ass things and never finish anything, and that made me feel really down on myself...}

    I will do this. And if I don't, I need all of you to stalk my blog until I do!!

  9. Thanks for such a great post! I needed to hear it, actually. I've had two days of higher than normal calorie intake. For me, I think a lot of it comes down to planning and I am going to use it as a learning experience, plan the rest of the week's meals and go from there.

  10. Debbi, thank you so much for starting this challenge! We're just beginning day 4 and let me tell you, I feel so much better! I haven't managed to work in any exercise yet, but just eating less I feel like my head is clearer. If that makes any sense! Other than being a bit tired today (my own fault)I feel wonderful! We can do this!!!

    By the way, those enchiladas look awesome! I'm not fond of zucchini alone, so I always look for ideas for "hiding" it in other foods! We'll be trying this soon!

  11. Well said Debbi! I love the idea of not letting a challenger fall! We're a team and we'll do it! No excuses!!

  12. Great job Debbi what is the name brand of the light bagels? I have been looking for them.

  13. Thank you for the support and committment!

    I think life will always be busy. It isn't a bad thing, we just have to learn to fit in fitness and taking care of ourselves.

  14. It's all about staying committed and not giving up no matter what life throws at us. I'm committed to the challenge and as soon as my internet comes back up I'll be posting my challenge update. Have a great weekend!


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