Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week 3 Challenge Progress

I started the day good again on Friday, then it just kinda went downhill as I started snacking. We had a bunch of people over for pizza tonight. The kids all had a blast. I had planned to make a white bean nummy adult pizza but just ran out of energy and time.  So I ate a taco salad before everyone came over so I wouldn't be hungry for pizza.  Which I wasn't.  My mistake was nibbling after everyone left.  I had a small breadstick, took some crumbs from the brownies, then let my hand pull out a few handfuls of chips.  And just like that, 350 calories later, I'm over on calories and still wanted popcorn that evening.  So I didn't finish as hoped. 

Friday's Eat's
Egg beaters, english muffin = 175
Yogurt & blueberries = 120
2 Turkey Wraps = 450
Special K Bar = 170
Taco Salad = 350
Brownie = 100
Breadstick = 100
Chips = 150
Popcorn = 100
Total calories = 1715 calories

Progress Week 3

1. Track Calories = I've done this most days, slipped a bit on Thursday though.  I still say it is the best way for me to stay on track.  If I go too long without doing it, I totally lose control and it gets ugly.
2. Under 10,000 calories a week = Just over, if I was correct at estimating 1800 on my non tracking day, I'm at 10,270.  I really wanted 10,000 to be my maximum so I am disappointed in myself for going over. 
3. Water = Beginning of the week I drank a lot. By the end of the week I was having trouble getting it in. I need to step it up and drink more.  Notice the trend?  Beginning of the week I did better on calories, tracking AND water, then it went downhill. Something I need to think about next week.
4. Lose 18 lbs. = Uh, I pretty much just broke even.  What with vacation last week and what I did this week.  The scale was looking good mid week then spiked here at the end of the week, I'm hoping it has to do with the TOM.  1 lb. loss for challenge/ 17 to go.
5. Exercise = Better. I still don't really have a routine but I'm not sure that will actually happen.  I'm getting faster at walking, and I'm amping up the other workouts.  I did some newer exercises and got some muscles moving that hadn't moved in awhile so it's good. I'm still looking to for more consistency. 
6. Encouragement = I know that I was able to visit and see everyones progress for last week but I haven't been around much besides that.  There has really been a lot going on here. Everyone is busy though, I get that. In fact, I am totally falling asleep writing this.

Certainly room for improvement, I'm hoping the scale will be nicer next week. 

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  1. You can close to your calorie goal ;). What kind of yogurt are you eating?

  2. The good thing is noticing where you need to focus and keeping that in the front of your mind next week as you make decisions and go through your day. Best of luck!

  3. You were very close to your goal, so don't feel too bad! Did I miss the linky for posting this weeks progress, or have you just not had time to put it up yet?

  4. Well it just means next week you'll have to work on your challenge a bit harder. Can't change the already done stuff so work on the stuff coming up.
    Just got back from a 4 mile walk from my best buddys house. A bit warm but felt so good. Next is a bit of tennis with Mike and then Geo-caching with the Venture crew. A great work out day. Better be since I had a personal pizza from Hot Stuff for lunch. Ate the whole thing too and it tasted wonderful. Don't feel even the least bit bad since I know with what I've done and will be doing it'll be long passed in more ways then one. :o)
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  5. You know what I think it's awesome that you are keeping track of everything, and a wise blogger told me last week everyone has a bad day or week we just have to pick it up the next day! You did great and I personally would blame it on TOM

  6. "My mistake was nibbling after everyone left." ...and you are not alone! Oh, and the CHIPS! I know, right?! I've had to watch everyone else's portions, too, so there's not much left to nibble, and then only the vegs. It works for me.

  7. You were really close to your goal. But you're right...keep your head in the game, it's our life we are talking about!

  8. I hope you are not too stressed over starting this challenge and feeling like you have to be the perfect one. I really appreciate this challenge but imagine that I would feel extra pressure if I were in your position. Hopefully this is not the case and these bobbles will smooth out this week.

  9. Here's to a brand new week and getting back on track!! I have a hard time resisting the pizza, too. Or, in my case, BBQ... Too much BBQ in these summer months.

  10. STS has come at a perfect time for me. I appreciate all the support. Remember Debbi we are all here for you too.

  11. A little nibble leading to more and more is my problem. Sorry you fell into that this week. Fortunately you get to put it behind you and start this week fresh.


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