Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I'm NOT Eating for BREAKFAST on Vacation

WooHoo!!!  I'm on vacation!  We have been going to Wisconsin Dells for vacation for many years. It's only about 4 hours away (with bathroom breaks) and the kids just love it. I don't have internet access so this is a scheduled post.

The Slimmer This Summer challenge continues even on vacation.  We usually bring breakfast with us.  It's much cheaper than eating out for breakfast. 

In the past I'd bring pastries of some sort.  One of the favorites are those powdered donuts?  You know, those mini ones that you can eat like 10 of them in one sitting?  Yea, well, this is what we WON'T be eating for breakfast. 

Another thing we'll be skipping this year are the poptarts.  Quick and easy for sure but way super high in sugar and they don't fill you up for a minute. 

Instead, I'm bringing a couple boxes of cereal for the kids, frosted shredded wheat and cheerios.  And I am bringing oatmeal packets.  The rooms always have a microwave and these are quick and nutritious.

We also have a room with a larger kitchen and refrigerator so we'll be getting a gallon of milk while there.  I am also bringing Carnation Instant Breakfast, no sugar added. If there was one thing I got out of previous challenges, it was to appreciate this.  I am NOT a milk drinker and this makes milk delicious! Plus it's loaded with vitamins and it's FILLING.  Seriously filling.  I use 1% milk which makes it only 170 calories and it keeps me full for hours. 

So what are you having for breakfast??

More about what I'm NOT eating on vacation tomorrow!


  1. Excellent Choices!

    One of my faves is non fat greek yogurt with granola and fruit.

    Or a turkey sandwich.

  2. Well since I've switched sides to LCHF, I've been eating bacon, sausage, or pork chop with dirty eggs, and coconut oil cream coffee with xylitol. Yummy! ;-)

    I do miss the granolas and oatmeal, but with eating this way (LCHF) I'm no longer hungry after eating breakfast. And that's cool!

    Sounds like your vacation is going AWESOME!

  3. I hope your vacation is awesome. Enjoy. I love oatmeal for breakfast. It seems to keep me fuller longer. Always a good thing :) Gracie


  4. I am usually on the way out the door either to do my route or go to aerobics so I grab a high-protein food bar. If you visit questproteinbar.com you can read up on the ones I use. I just don't feel good if I have all those carbs first thing in the morning. Blood sugar spike then gnawing hunger. Congratulations on being wise with breakfast.

  5. Good for you! My breakfast every day is a bowl of "refried" beans that I make once a week in the crockpot. Great combo of protein, fiber, and carbs. Don't travel so well so last trip I took baggies of high fiber cereal and some protein bars.

  6. Thanks for this post! I'm going on a weekend vacay next weekend and am kinda freaking out about it. There will be no kids, no husbands, just the girls, lots of alcohol and probably lots of fast food...

    Will definitely have to pack some "good" stuff with me. :)

  7. Lately I've been having a banana before hitting the gym and then having a green monster smoothie after. Tonight I had breakfast for dinner....apple pancakes...yum! Hope you're having a great vacation.

  8. LOL... good for you but now I want some powedered donuts! Good thing I'm too lazy to go buy some. Seriously though, great idea on bringing some healthy stuff with ya!

  9. I hope your vacation is going well! I eat the same four things for breakfast: cereal with milk (sometimes this is oatmeal), eggs and toast, a muffin and coffee, or fruit and yogurt. I change up the types of muffins and fruit and cereal so even though it's the same four choices, it seems like my breakfasts are always different.

  10. I'm going to the Dells in a couple of weeks (July 4th weekend) and I always eat terribly when I'm there! I can't help it! My weakness is the coconut brittle from the Swiss Maid Fudge Shop. I buy a bag when I get there and pretty much finish it off before I leave. Then there's Ishnala Supper Club. My BF is no help either because we always have to eat Culvers at least couple of times. I always vow to go running from downtown up to Lake Delton, but I never have done it in all the years I've been going there (multiple times a summer, too). This year I will!


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