Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I'm NOT Eating for SNACKS on Vacation!

I am a big snacker.  In the past, vacation has been like the excuse for ultimate hotel snacking.  It's like "I'm on vacation and I can eat whatever I want because I'M ON VACATION!".  Well, that attitude has gotten me in a lot of trouble.  My kids have developed that same attitude.  They know that we have certain "vacation treats" and they look forward to them.  Chips are not allowed at home, yet we frequently would buy many full bags of chips for vacation and eat them continually.  I shudder to think of it now.  

Another typical vacation treat are Nutty Bars. I can't be trusted with these things so we only bring them on vacations.  We usually bring like 2 big family size boxes.  This is a snack that often is accompanies by more chips.  What the heck was I thinking? Don't even get me started on the Bugles and Easy Cheese "tradition". Oh yea. 

Well, this year, there will be no big bag of chips, nor will there be nutty bars. Are we going to eat super healthy the whole time?  Probably not, but I am hoping that we can limit treats and not just go stir crazy and pile junk, upon junk in our bodies constantly.

Instead of chips, we plan to bring popcorn.  Now, if only we just don't BURN it like we do every year! 


We all like the Nature Valley Granola bars.  They might not be the healthiest of snacks but everyone likes them but not enough to want to eat 12 at a time. 

I am also bringing fruit.  This is easy to store in a hotel room plus they are easy to bring to the pool. All the kids like fruit. 

Another must have for me is yogurt. We'll of course buy this when we get up there.  Again, most of the family likes yogurt and it's a healthy, filling snack to enjoy. 

We have 12 weeks of this challenge.  Many will be going on vacations or long weekends.  What kind of snacks will you be bringing?


  1. We are going camping this summer 8 times. We usually have chips, cookies, smores, and other treats, like donuts. I am cutting way back on these this year. We will still have smores, but only one per person. We don't need donuts so they are out. The cookies I will bring are low fat and not a big temptation, but nice for a little sweet. I am getting baked chips and in a smaller amount. I hope your vacation goes well.

  2. Sorry, but pity the Brit, what's Easy Cheese? and why is regular cheese difficult? It comes ready to eat!

  3. Be honest, did the kids throw a fit when you told them the usual snacks weren't happening this time? I would have hit the roof! lol Good snack choices, Mom. I hope you guys are having a great time!

  4. The Pea Family's favorite vacation treat is Little Debbie Oatmeal cookies. I've never 'banned' them from kids and husband, because I don't like them! I always bring myself pretzels, carrots and celery.

    GREAT job with healthy choices on vacation!! You Rock!

  5. I really love your statement "everyone likes them but not enough to eat 12 at a time." Excellent point! I don't know why I haven't thought of that---keeping stuff that we like but not enough to eat the whole thing in one sitting! Brilliant!

  6. My daughter and I leave tomorrow on a 14-18 day Vacation trip. PA, Upsate NY and Jersey, here we come! Poor Hubby has to stay home and work. We bring grapes, apples, pretzels, GUM and water, plus good sandwhiches on our trip... along with Fat Free Pringles(My favorite right now!). We'll be driving and 13 hours is alot of time to not eat anything. But, no Fast Food stops. While gone, we will get to eat some of the "Home" cooking I grew up on, but only in moderation. Still gotta keep to fruits, veggies and healthy choices!

    In Christ,

  7. You've met your demons head-on! Stare 'em in the eyes, and don't..back..down!

    We share two serious weaknesses: chips and Nutty Bars. In college (and this will really date me), I survived on meals of Nutty Bars and Tab! Logic back then was that the Tab counteracted the Nutty Bars. HA! Oh, to give those calories back.

  8. Well we are going to be driving to Wisconsin at the beginning of August which is a 16 hour drive. EEK! I got a LOT of good ideas from here. I always have a cooler with different options. One thing I make is wraps spread with laughing cheese and whatever else grabs my eyes; alfalfa sprouts land in all of them though.. turkey slices, veggies, etc. I've been making a list of things I hear about or think of so when the time comes, I have plenty of options for what actually lands in the cooler and our food bag. Thanks for a great post!

  9. We went to the beach yesterday and I packed pretzel rods and PB (to dip), grapes, sliced cukes and dressing, veggie chips, carrots, and apples and oranges. I think just having a variety is fine, it doesnt really matter what kinds of foods... if the kids are hungry, they will eat what you pack!


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