Saturday, July 30, 2011

Slimmer This Summer Week 9

So how has your week of eating healthy, tracking and exercise been??

Well, mine has been less than stellar.  Weight is about the same but I feel like crud.  Especially as haven't been drinking.  It's been hot as can be and I've been outside but I haven't been drinking. It just doesn't make sense.  I need to start back up tomorrow and get hydrated. 

In so many ways, I feel like I've been failing this challenge.  However, I KNOW that without it, I would have faired much worse.  I just know it. I haven't been setting the example that I wanted to set but am so thrilled at so many that ARE doing well.

Exercise has been going well, I admit, 2 months ago, I was hoping that I would have progressed farther by August but it's still going well. 

Speaking of August, can you believe that's it's already here??  Seriously?  When did that happen? 


  1. Debbi, you are NOT failing the challenge! You're here, you're supporting, and you're not giving up. In my eyes, that's a big WIN!!!

  2. Well, re-evalute your goals and see what you can really accomplish in the next 4 weeks before this challenge is over. Then, DO WORK! Do not let this slip by you, we are in this together. This challenge has helped so much in so many ways. You are wonderful for organizing it and it's so appreciated by so many of us. You are not failing, you are human and make mistakes and excuses like the rest of us.

    Also, what's up with lack of hydration? It's hotter than the hubs of hell out there! It's so important, find a way to make it work. I am so attached to my water bottle, it's crazy. Get back on track sister, you can do this!

  3. Deb, you are not a failure. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps, and move on!! Cant cahnge what you did last week. Its over. move on!! And something that has helped me is to go back and reread the original slimmer post. Why did you want to do this? What were your goals? Refocus, and finish August on a high!!

  4. 4 weeks to go. Let's make it 4 really good, health-increasing, waist-reducing, muscle-building, energy-rising weeks. It's what I hope for for all of us.

  5. It's so hard to eat well when it's hot out! I did really well last week. Lost 2lbs. Now if I can only get some daily exercise then I could really see some loss. The weeks before were both less than a lb.

  6. Debbi, you can do it! I agree with all of the comments so far! You are not a failure, and at the same time, you know you can do better! Oh, and when its hot, its a perfect time to have wonderful cold meals like cottage cheese and fresh fruit, salad, and an excellent time to be drinking lots of of Ice Water! Sometime when its a little cooler, like the evening, cook up a bunch of chicken breast. Then refrigerate enough for a couple of days and freeze the rest. Dice it up and eat it chilled on green salad.

    Make a bunch of melon pieces, berries, peach slices, etc. Keep them chilled in the fridge. Have a cup or two of that with 1/2 cup cottage cheese and 1/2 cup fat free yogurt (flavored!). Mix well and you have a cold meal that is low calorie, high protein, filling, and cooling!

    You CAN do this! You CAN make the last 4 weeks of this challenge ROCK!!! You CAN amaze yourself!!!

  7. Opps, don't try number 15, I screwed up and posted it on my everyday blog so had to move it to my life style change blog, Sorry guys.
    Debbi you are doing fine, it's not easy and each day is a struggle but you can do this, you are strong. Keep going, keep working hard and you will get to where you want to be soon.
    Have a great day my friend. Blessings!!

  8. Hang in there Debbi. Some weeks are harder than others and we need to stay positive and focus on the things that are working and work on the things we need to improve. You may not feel it but you are inspiring me and so many others out here. Keep the faith you will get your groove back and finish strong.

  9. The linky thing isn't letting me sign up? I keep getting messages saying it can't load...

  10. You are still exercising so you can do it, just make these healthy meals that adorn your page:-) It is hard when it's hot and you are busy but you can do it!

  11. We are our most critical critic. You have not failed. Sure, maybe you did not lose as much weight as you thought. But, you are still here and making progress. Chin up my friend.

    Eat less, move more and drink lots of H2O. You will get there. TTFN, michele


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