Sunday, September 18, 2011

Challenge Week 1

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Back from vacation!  It was just 4 days away up along the North Shore but it was fun and relaxing!  We did a lot of hiking and walking.  My legs will be grateful for the break!  I ate pretty cruddy, I admit.  I made some good choices along the way but plenty of bad ones as well.  I'm ready to get back on it and have an awesome week!

1. Weight - I didn't weigh myself this week.  Yes, I broke the rules the first week.  I'm quite sure with the extra salt and junk that I am up.  Way up. I had a great eating day today and am on the right path to get rid of the sodium and junk this week. I promise to weigh in the rest of the challenge. I don't have any unusual weekend circumstances planned that would prevent this in the future.

2.  Calories - I tracked my calories Monday, Tuesday and today (Sunday).  I hit under 1500 for both Monday and Tuesday and today was around 1200 tops.  The rest of the week stank.

3.  Exercise - I did all 3 days of Brad's running challenge.  I'm happy that I'm seeing a difference and I'm running better and am not as tired. I'm still going at quite the slow speed but still, I'm DOING it.  I exceeded my goal of 70,000 steps this week and I had my weight training class on Monday night as well.

4. Water - Just so-so.  It's hard when not in the same routine. I am back on track and drinking and peeing up a storm now though. 

5.  Book - I'm still reading Wheat Belly.  I love it, and I BELIEVE it. I am not one to get into fad diets or trends but this just MAKES SENSE to me.  Eliminate the wheat and eliminate a LOT of problems.  I did NOT go wheat free while on vacation, I did today and plan continue.  ~~  I also read Unbroken Will - The Extraordinary Courage of an Ordinary Man, The Story of Leopold Engleitner.  It is a book the describes the life and times of this man whose belief in God and in nonviolence stood the test of Nazi persecution in WWII.  He was in three concentration camps and suffered unspeakable brutality but remained firm in his faith.  It was an awesome book and while deep, it was very faith strengthening.  I finished the whole book this week and would recommend it to anyone!  I got it at the library, I have another one that is similar on request as well. 

So we begin week 2! I'm looking forward to seeing some better results next week. I feel like I'm actually "starting" this challenge this week. 


  1. Same here. Also feel like I'm "starting" this week. Here is to all of us having a good week ;) We can do it!!!

  2. I'm sure Mir isn't going to be happy about no weight. She's pretty hard with the rules but it's also your blog and your life so do what makes you happy.
    I wish this week is a success and that it's filled with lots of joy, love and happiness!!
    Take care my friend. Blessings!

  3. Oh yeah. Mir's gonna kick your tail! *grin* She'll probably fuss at you for sure, so just step on a scale, note the number and move on. It's just a NUMBER!! It's not the marvelous, wonderful being that is YOU.

    Keep going!

  4. You wanna know that number so you can seewhag the results of your hard work will be at the end of this week:-)

  5. I just ordered the Wheat Belly book. I'm also reading about coconut products--milk, butter, oil, flour---and I'm loving it! How is Brad's challenge? I wanted to sign up but chickened out. Again. Tell me what you think about it.

  6. Great week! I have a friend who is also reading Wheat Belly and loved it. I just don't know if I can go wheat free. :/

  7. I used to eat pasta ALL the time, but now that I've mostly stopped eating it, I notice that pasta makes me ... fart. That's embarassing enough to make me not want to eat it so much!

  8. Just checking in late. I hope you´re having a good week !

  9. Hope you had a good week. I agree with up that it's important to weigh even when you expect it to be bad so that you can see how you progress the following week..and as you are the last checkin....i did make it thru everyone......though it took me all week to do it.


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