Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Okay, so you all know I have this recipe blog.  That is how I got started blogging in the first place. 

I've had several comments about the recipes on the side of my dieting blog. Some serious and some in jest, about taking them off or not wanting to come to my blog so they won't be tempted. 

I need your opinion.  Do you want me to take them off?  I certainly will if you want me to.  First, let me explain my hesitation. 

I spent most my life in the upper 200's and lower 300's by the time I had baby #3.  I'd never eaten healthy.  We ate out all the time.  Cooking at home was rare and not healthy at all.  When I think of the "healthy" meals I would make, I now cringe.  I had my aha moment, straightened up and started eating healthier. I started COOKING healthier.  I read blogs, looked for recipes, did everything I could to healthify the family favorites and I was quite proud of what I had done.  I often would call friends and say, "I just made ..., you have GOT to come over and try it!"  I had friends asking me for recipes, so I would email them or give them recipes.  At the urge of several people, I started my food blog.  I was already writing down and organizing my recipes. I was already calculating the calorie counts on most things.  So why not add some pictures and start a blog. 

So Debbi Does Dinner Healthy was born, just about 2 years ago.  I started the diet blog with my first challenge as a motivator for me, not to get a ton of followers or anything.  Like with my recipe blog, I thought, if I can help people, then great!  So I added some recipes on the side that I was proud of. 

I AM proud of these recipes.  They represent a new way of eating for me. They represent a new me. Granted, if you visit my recipe blog, not ALL the recipes are low calorie and healthy.  There are plenty that are not.  But I tried to pick the better ones to put on my weight loss blog. 

Now, my eating is changing. I'm trying to go wheat free or at least to cut WAY back on it. So the loss of my beloved flour tortillas has been the most difficult of changes. But I'm getting over it. It's only a tortilla! I've been eating some corn tortillas or just putting the nummy filling over lettuce or eating it plain.  It works, I'm happy. I'm not depriving myself of anything. 

So anyways, moral of the long winded story.  Part of me wants to take off the recipes, as I don't want to tempt anyone into overeating or indulging or to set off a trigger in you if you see a wrap or a mexican lasagna.  My goal is to help, not hurt. On the OTHER HAND, my goal in setting up the blog was to let people know that dieting isn't all about grilled chicken and salads.  We can enjoy awesome, simple meals that are healthy, hearty, filling and low calorie.  I get that this doesn't work for everyone.  It did for me. (at first at least until I got confident and stupid but that's another story.)

So you decide, should the recipes go?  Or stay?  Should I cut back?  Any ideas?  Give me your honest opinion, I won't get insulted or get offended easily.  :-)


  1. I love looking at all your recipes. Even if some of them aren't that healthy, they should give people ideas of something they can create that may be a healthier option. I mean... There are pictures of food all over the world and that shouldn't make someone "hide" them.

    Just my opinion, but I think you should leave them up. I enjoy them. :) And keep up your recipe blog. I look forward to seeing more pics ;)

  2. I would prefer, personally, that you LIST the recipes/links as just text on the sidebar and not with pictures that can "trigger" some folks

    No problem having pictures on the recipe blog itself. After all, that's what it for. But not THIS blog, get me?

    And consider trying the gluten free FOOD FOR LIFE tortillas. THe corn ones are excellent (I used to use them regularly) and Karla of Daily Thoughts likes the brown rice ones. Keep the tortilla--lose the gluten.:D


  3. I would leave them. Not everyone follows the same plan...I lost a lot of weight following a low fat/high carb diet in my 20s. Now my body has changed and I do low carb/paleo...

    I am always happy to find recipes that sound good, even if I have to adjust what they are served on or with to make them fit my eating style.

  4. I Love, love, love your recipes on your blog. As I continue my journey of health and fitness, I am constantly looking for inspiration from others on their journey. Reviewing your recipes gives me tons of ideas that I implement. My vote is that you leave them.

  5. I would leave them. Those of us (including me) that may salivate when we see those pictures need to learn self-control. Let's face it, the pictures on your blog are not the only food and pictures we'll encounter in our lives, unless we stop using the computer, stop watching TV, stop going outside, stop driving down the road, stop everything. Because food is everywhere. At least with your blog, I can see them, I can salivate and then I just move on because the food itself is not in front of me. It's a way for me to learn to tell myself that I can't have this or that; it gives me that mindset to learn how to say no and it's easier to do with pictures than with the food actually in front of me. It's one way of learning self-control.

    And about the tortillas, check out the Ole Mexican Foods brand Spinach & Herb or Tomato Basil tortillas. They have 17g of carbs but 12g of fiber which almost entirely cancels out the carbs! They can be found where the other tortillas are or you can ask your local store to order them for you. When I was put on low carb last year, those were approved by my doctor. And they taste sooooo good! :)

  6. This may be a bit more work for you, but why not have a second 'sister blog' type thing for your recipes. You'd be able to tag your healthy recipes and then text link to the healthy page from here. That way people can come to this one without seeing the pictures, but you don;t have to give the recipes up.

  7. I like what Princess said.. not bc the pictures are triggers, but because then I can see easier and faster the kind of recipes I'm looking for.

    I love the recipes. They're so helpful since I'm not much of a creative cook!

  8. I could make them into scrolling images like my weight loss photos if you want. That way they are still there, but not all over the page. Personally it doesn't bother me to see them. My trigger is chocolate though so that's probably why. lol

  9. I like the recipes and pics, maybe you can make a seperate tab for them with all of it? But, people (people cruising your blog for the first time) may not look at all the tabs... It's what got you going, but if it's not your main goal for staying in blogland - you have to make it be what you want. It is YOUR blog at the end of the day... I do find them helpful though.

  10. You probably already know what I think, but I'm gonna spout anyway...:)

    I LOVE your recipes! They have been HUGE in my success with the Slimmer This Summer challenge and I continue to use them almost daily! I like the pictures here because that helps see recipes I missed and I can go get them!

    I will say that, should you decided to take them off- I will STILL be seeking them out! I do subscribe via email after all!

  11. I think it's silly to hide your recipes- they're great!! Even if they are tempting, I see worse on billboards driving to work, you know? We can't hide temptation in our everyday lives, so asking you to hide your recipes on YOUR blog is just ridiculous. I appreciate you sharing them!

    I couldn't agree more on the chicken and salads statement.. I think more people would have an easier time changing their eating habits if they could still enjoy foods they used to love, just a healthier version. My vote is leave them as is :)

  12. If it were only up to me, I'd say leave them! They don't bother me a bit--to me they're more of a help than a hindrance, but I know not everyone reacts the same way to yummy pics.

  13. I love your recipes and the pictures. However, sometimes your blog loads slow which I think might just be all the graphics and links. What I would suggest is like the comment above, post on a sister blog the recipes and pictures. Just don;t stop posting teh recipes. We love 'em!

  14. Leave them cuz I love them. I do wish you would cook for me though.


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