Sunday, October 9, 2011

Challenge Week 4

Ugh, I've been meaning to write this all weekend and just never got around to it.  So here it is, at the last minute! 

Busy weekend, it's been gorgeous outside so we went on walks, bike rides and played baseball.  Unusual to have this many good weekends in October.  I'll take them for as long as possible though!

1.  Weight:  Gained a pound. I'm back where I started from. I ate like crap this week.  It's frustrating, and annoying.

2. Calories:  Still too many, I'm still tracking, but not planning.  It's stupid.  I'm really, really, really hoping to change that this week.  Crap is out of the house and we're stocked with fruits and lots of veggies.  We just need to tell the stupid fruit flies to get out!

3.  Exercise:  Very good still. I'm still on track with the 5Kin100days challenge.  I MIGHT have to repeat a week coming up here though, we're making quite a jump in the amount of running and last week kicked my butt. We'll see how tomorrow mornings run goes.  Weight strengthening class on Monday as usual, I'm going to up the weights this week and see how it goes.

4.  Water:  Along with my crappy eating, I've done bad with water. Usually this is fine but I can tell that I need more. 

5. Book:  Still reading Wheat Belly and continuing to learn and enjoy it.  I also got a couple of gluten free books at the library that I want to read.  I'd have more time for reading if I didn't have to help the kids with their literature.  The daughter is reading The Hobbit so I'm reading with her so she understands it better. 

I've been eating wheat all week and I can feel it. It started last Sunday, we went out to eat and then I just developed this "screw it" attitude for the rest of the week.  My body paid for it and I am eager to get the wheat and sugar out of my system and get back on track.  :-)


  1. Okay Debbi. Better food planning, I know you can do that. You've done it so well before so kick some butt and get back on plan. YEAH!!!! for the running, you make me proud of you each time I read about it. Very proud. More water, we all know water in, make all the yuckie's head out so drink my friend, drink lots.
    You can do this Debbi, I know you can. I'll bug you along the way this week.
    Take care and have a blessed week.

  2. Oh boy, am I with you on the wheat and sugar. I can tell right away now too.
    I'm just off it again for 2 days, but already feel better.
    Great job with exercise!
    And I hope you have a much better week with food, calorie tracking and water drinking!
    I find that I barely drink at all when I'm eating badly.

  3. No shame in repeating a week, listen to what your body's ready to do. :) Onward, have a great week!

  4. Planning is just as important as tracking, especially when you're feeding a family. Just do it! Sit down right now and write down what you're going to prepare for dinner every night this week. Make sure it's balanced with plenty of veggies, and decide this minute to make enough to have leftovers for lunch the next day. Next scribble some notes about your breakfasts, and there. Take a look at your list - are there enough veggies? Fresh fruit? No wheat? Great! You're done, and you have a healthy plan for the week, one less thing to think about in the daily crunch of kids, school, work, homekeeping.

    Keep after it, Debbi. You can DO THIS!!

  5. It's just hard to make everything balance, isn't it? Water, veggies, fruit, exercise, sugar, wheat...and so on. I am so glad I got off wheat. It has made me feel so much better! Okay, work the plan, girl. Have a great week!

  6. You can do this. Are you in group 2 of the 5k in 100 days? I am and it sounds like that is where you are. I just successfully completed w13.1. I am behind a couple workouts. Keep at it and good luck this week.

  7. You know what works for you & what doesn't so stick to it, you can do this!!


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