Sunday, October 16, 2011

Challenge Week 5

Well, I for sure ate too much this weekend. I still managed to stay gluten free which I am very happy about though.  I ate about 1800 calories both Saturday and Sunday.  Overall, I think I had a great week and am very pleased.  I succeeded in planning, and for the most part, I stuck to the plans fairly well.  I didn't eat any wheat or gluten this week and I feel really good about that. 

Weight:  It stayed the same.  I am not bothered about this.  I refuse to be a slave to the scale and don't want to feel the need to look to it for redemption.  I did GOOD this week. I set out to do what I planned and I'm building muscle with regular exercise. So phooey on the scale. 

Calories:  Very good. In a perfect world I would like to continue to lower it a bit.  I want to keep regular on the planning and tracking.  Lowering the calories will come. 

Exercise:  I still did my 3 days of Brad's 100 days to run a 5K challenge.  He raised the bar and I was afraid of the jump in running but was pleased to see that I was able to do it.  I had my weight training on Monday night and I used weights at home on Thursday and Friday.  We're also a bunch of dancing fools here.  We now have Just Dance 3 and it's really so much fun.  Quite the workout too.  Plus, just being able to spend time with the family and laughing is priceless. 

Water: I did good until this weekend.  Well, today was fine but yesterday, I just forgot to drink. No idea why.  We went to the corn maze, it was gorgeous but super windy so I was really cold.  The kids had fun.  I just forgot to drink throughout the day.  It's harder when the schedule is different. 

Book:  I'm now alternating between Wheat Belly and Elisabeth Hasselbeck's G-Free Diet book.  While I love the facts in Wheat Belly, parts of it are not easy to read, especially when I'm in the car with kids yelling and singing and stuff.  It's getting very technical as he's showing proof of what wheat can do to you.  He's associated wheat as a problem with many diseases, neurological problems and even aging.  It's really quite fascinating.  Elisabeth's book is an easier read and I'm learning a lot.  I don't like her term "G-Free" though. It makes it seem more like a fad. It's okay though, I am still enjoying the book. I just wish I had more time to sit and read!


  1. I am glad you are still around and doin life...just like me. Congrats on staying Gluten free.

  2. Staying the same is maintenance. Not necessarily a bad thing but if you want to lose more (and I know you do), increase your fiber-rich foods and decrease a little of your fat intake. You'll be surfin' that scale in no time! :)

    Now that you've cut out the gluten for a week, how do you feel overall? What changes have you noticed? I've found that for me, it isn't the gluten that's the problem, it's too many carbs in general and I immediately notice a change in my mood and sleep patterns when I decrease my carb intake.

  3. I'm with Laryssa... how have you been feeling on the no gluten thing? I've been meaning to get to the quinoa flour I bought lately but haven't had time to bake. :)

  4. This gluten free approach is really getting a lot of attention lately. Those sound like good books.

  5. Gluten free seems to be the craze, I was at a pizza place that had all sorts of options on their menu for those who watch that. It's pretty cool that some restaurants jump in board to supply that data, especially cause this is one that helps a lot of people function better. Great job on keeping up the exercise & not being a slave to that scale!


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