Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday ~ October 17, 2011

Having a plan last week really worked.  Writing it down really helped.  So we're trying it again.  Another week without gluten. 

Monday's Plan:
Eggs, Corn Tortillas, Peach salsa - 300
Yogurt - 80
Pumpkin Sloppy Joes - 200
Potatoes - 150
Salad - 125
Chicken - 150
Southwest Wild Rice Pilaf - 250
Broccoli - 50
Total = 1305


  1. Having a plan is a total necessity for me. Glad to see that it helps you stay on track as well!

  2. I think my problem Debbi is that I do great M-F, but then the weekend comes and I don't write anything down, and I think I "test" a bit too much when I cook over the weekend.

    Let's both have a great week! :D


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