Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday, October 12, 2011

Well, I stuck to the plan.  Except that I ate too much apple risotto.  Holy cow that stuff was good!!  I meant to have 200 calories worth which would have been 1 portion but I ended up eating almost 2.  Grr.  I'll try to stick with this blog planning for awhile. Don't be alarmed if I drop off the face of the earth again though.  It won't necessarily mean I failed, it might just mean I'm sick of blogging again.

Wednesdays Results:

Raisins - 130
Eggs, corn tortillas & peach salsa = 300
Asian Quinoa = 250
Salad = 125
Yogurt = 80
Blueberries = 50
Steak = 180
Apple Risotto = 400
Broccoli = 50
Total = 1565

Thursday Plan:
Raisins - 130
Eggs, corn tortillas & peach salsa - 300
Chicken wild rice soup - 200
Salad - 150
Yogurt - 80
Blueberries - 50
Southwest casserole - 400
Popcorn - 100
Total = 1410

I ran again this morning, I usually prefer Monday, Wednesday and Friday but  I don't have my early daycare child tomorrow morning so I get to sleep in!  No getting up at 5 am, yea! I feed the baby and he goes right back to sleep in the same room as my husband is so I'm free to go run!  Plus, it's supposed to be cold and windy tomorrow. 

I'm still running pretty slow but I'm running for longer distances.  I'm amazed each week at the progress.  If you want to learn to run, I really, really, really recommend Brad's challenge.  It looks like he starts a new batch of runners once a month so I highly recommend you take a look at his program. You post weekly results with him to keep you accountable and he is constantly giving you motivation. It is perfect for a beginner like me.  I am currently in week 7 and I really didn't think I'd make it this far. 


  1. Is the running program different from C25K? Just wondering, I really struggled with that one because it was just moving too quickly for me (I'm a running wimp!). I would still be struggling at the end of a week and it would be time to move to the next step. Oy!

  2. This is much easier and more doable than the C25K program. He moves at an awesome pace and he has motivational and informative videos to help. I am a super lazy exerciser and hate it so if I can do it, anyone can.

  3. So glad you like Brads program! I graduate next week. Im so excited!! I cant believe Ive come this far!!1


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