Sunday, November 27, 2011

Challenge Week 11

First up - check out this post on my recipe blog for Melt and enter us both to win a $500 giveaway! You have until November 30th to enter! Go enter the giveaway and then come back here. :-) 

Now that you have the prospect of winning $500, I can tell you that I had a crummy week.  All around crummy.

I ate bread. Lots of bread.  I can't blame Thanksgiving, we don't have the traditional gorge fest so it had nothing to do with that.  The 4 day weekend threw me but I wasn't doing too well before that either. 

All eating bread does is make you crave more bread.  So for the last few days, I wake up telling myself that I am not going to do it and then I find myself with 3 dinner rolls sopping up the leftover spaghetti sauce off my kids' plates.  Now I'm going to wake up tomorrow wanting to do the same.  I'm hoping that with the routine back to normal (and the dinner rolls gone) that we can get back to gluten free. All I get from the bread is a whopping headache and a gut that feels like it is going to explode. 

Weight:  Honestly, I didn't even look.  I wasn't purposely avoiding, I just didn't care. Yea, not good. 

Exercise:  Decent.  I've been consistently getting in 3 runs/walks a week but the last couple of weeks have been only 2 per week. It's getting cold and a few days have been icy.  All in all, it's been a gorgeous fall in Minnesota and I'm thankful that I am still able to run outside at all.  My run tonight went well.  I'm planning to go out Tuesday and Thursday night this week as well.

Water:  Eh.  Not as good as I would like.  The bread is soaking it all up. :-)


  1. You have been bad, haven't you? I agree with the bread...headaches and big belly. It's so hard to leave it on the plate at this time of year for me, too, but so far no rolls for me. Great job on keeping on with the running. Now about the bread...

  2. I don't have the bread issues but the sweets I do. Not hugely but enough that I am cutting them out for the next 20+ days.
    A new week Debbi, you can do this. I know you can.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  3. I love bread too and only allow myself one slice a day. So I do understand. I hope you have a better week, this week. Just focus on TODAY. Get through one at a time.

  4. You activate and it is rocky. Assuredly you go down the acropolis throwing your easily in the air so aflame that you are seeing the pounds fly off. Afresh you clump acclivous and hit a plateau.

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  5. Bread and sugar crave bread and sugar. A night of drinking craves bread and sugar. It sucks. Back on track!

  6. I do love me the bread & potatoes! I have come to a point where I can eat them in moderation though.... most of the time:-). It's hard when you like them but they make you feel bad, so hard to say no.... hope you find a way!

  7. Toss the rest of the bread out. Take it to your local duck pond and feed the waterfowl. Make glue playdough out of it. And then don't buy or bake any more. Your family will survive without bread. I just tell mine to eat more veggies. Of course, I'm a pretty mean Mom when it comes to food in the pantry that makes me crazy. When I started eating healthy, the whole family got drug right along with me.

  8. Sensational info. I look forward to seeing more.


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