Sunday, November 20, 2011

Challenge Week 10

Well, if this were a challenge about maintaining your weight, then I would win, hands down.  At the beginning of the week I had some swelling and I gained like 5 lbs.  Odd, now it's back down. I was actually hoping it would be down as I felt I did good this week. I tracked and planned.  I went off track a couple of times but nothing major.  Ok, Mir wants a number, it's still hovering around 220.  I'll break in the teens and then hop back up. 

One day was kinda funny. I was in the mood to eat something sweet, so I started rummaging through the fridge and cupboards looking for "something".  Then realizing that yogurt or fruit were about the sweetest things here, I just gave up.  It so helps not to have junk in the house.  Oh, I did steal a few spoonfuls of ice cream at some point this week. Ice cream isn't a big trigger for me so I do sometimes keep it in the house for the kids.

Water is continuing to be bad. I've been consistently bad with water the last few weeks. I'm not sure why.  hmm... Gotta work on that. 

Exercise is still good. We got our first snow so running outside won't be happening much anymore.  Too bad as I hate the treadmill.  Guess I'll have to get used to it for the winter. The snow should be gone by Tuesday so hopefully I can get a couple of runs in this week before we get more.

End of the year paperwork is creeping up on me so it's getting busy. Plus, I'm super behind in writing up recipes and organizing photos on my other blog so I haven't had time to really focus on this one. 

So what are your plans for avoiding the holiday pies??  :-)


  1. Maintaining is better than gaining, right?

    Now, number. Is it 221 like on sidebar? Rule says post a number. :D

    This is a tough week, lots of temptations. I wish us all well keeping the feast beast at bay.

    later, girl!

  2. Good on the tracking, even the not so good day. How's the running coming along? I started back walking so it'll be a bit before running starts but it's a start. You'll do well this week, just keep planning.
    Good luck my friend. Take care and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  3. You're doing good. You're right about keeping junk food out of the house. As soon as I have something in the house, I feel like I have to eat it all up so it will be gone. Should've not had it in the house in the first place. :/ I'm sure you're going to see a weight loss soon. You're bound to with all the running!

  4. Maintaining during Thanksgiving week is just fine. But just don't come here next week and post a gain, gurl!! I will be on you for that! More water, perhaps? Good job on avoiding the junk monster! Have a great week!

  5. As long as you aren't gaining you are doing fine. Keep pushing towards your goals.

  6. You ate working through a process of finding what works beat for you & that is awesome cause once you get it you will rock it!!

  7. That's what works for me - NO JUNK in the house! If I get it for the kids, I buy just enough that can be consumed in one sitting so there aren't any leftovers. The kids will thank me some day...

  8. Good for no muck, that really does help. No come on you can get in your water lady! Let's do this!! Enjoy your blog let's keep moving forward.

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