Sunday, December 11, 2011

The End? The Beginning?

Whoops! I wrote the whole post (below) thinking that this was the last post of the challenge.  Looks like I have one more week of redemption!  So not planning to quit, not ever. 


Well, we made it through the challenge.  I for one, stuck with it, but didn't do so well.  I'm glad I stuck to this as it really made me think each week.  I'm not going to join any more challenges for the moment but I'm not going to give up and stop. I just need to find out how to succeed.  I know what I want, I just need to commit myself to doing it. 

So thank you Mir for hosting this challenge.  I've enjoyed every one of your butt kicking posts.  I'll keep reading and follow along with the people in your next challenge. I wish you and the others the best! 

Weight:  I'm up like 2 lbs. I ate horrible this week. So I'm ending the challenge weighing in more than I was at the beginning.  Embarrassing and I'm mad as heck about that.  Obviously, the jacket still doesn't fit.  It's still in my closet though!

Exercise:  Bad week, ice has made it unfit for running outside and the treadmill and I still need to get reacquainted. 

Book:  I'm forever grateful that Mir recommended Wheat Belly.  It really was the key to me figuring out this gluten intolerance.  Loved the book and am continuing to learn more and more about it. 


  1. I´m sorry you are not "feeling" it. I know how hard it is to get a new grip on things and get into eating less.
    I wish you the best and hope you don´t go "under" in the blog world. I will be checking in on you in the future and hope we can encourage each other.
    One tip I can give you is to join My Fitness Pal. That has helped me so much, to record everything I eat and know when to stop.

  2. You are very welcome, babe! And yes, figure it out. Work on it. It's hard. And it always will be hard. We're not one of the metabolical lotto winners. You and I, we'll always have to focus on it, either a lot of little, every day. It will NEVER be a cakewalk for the likes of us.

    Well, barring a miracle. :)

    On we go...

  3. Never the end .... very true. It is just a few restarts here and there. This is a lifelong journey and we are worth it. That I know for sure.

  4. Quitting is not an option for us. You won't quit on making sure your children were healthy and happy so you can't quit for yourself. Keep trying .... at some point it has to click again for us, huh? :)

  5. You have to figure out whats right for you! Take that 'mad as heck' and put it to work!! Dont let it get you down!! Use that to spur yourself ahead!!

  6. Good luck on finding out what you need to do for you. I still need to finish wheat belly and plan to do it, however I think I need to read what was supposed to be my 2nd book 1st. Don't quit and I agree with Betty on the tracking.

  7. don't quit, everything will get better. even though things are not how you planned them out right now it doesnt mean thats how it will stay, you will lose and be amazing at it:).keep up the work.

  8. Okay. Go over there and introduce yourself to the treadmill. Right now! Give it a name and declare it to be your new best friend, the one you visit with every single day.

    Debi, you CAN do this.

  9. Please do not quit. Don't walk away before you receive your miracle. You deserve more.

    Jane at

  10. I need to join you guys on another challenge. I need motivation for the new year. You are doing great, just get acquainted with that treadmill!

  11. You're finding your path, sometimes we need to do that before we can get to our goals! I commend you for hanging in & continuing to work at it!

  12. Sorry you struggled, but don't give up on yourself. There is always starting fresh with a new attitude. You are worth it.

  13. Are you okay Debbi? No posts in a lonnnng time. Just checking in on you.

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