Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 1 ~ Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge ~ 6/1/12

Yes, it's Day 1.  Again. I've tried different things that last several months with no success. I need a plan. Any kind of plan.  Simply eating less and avoiding desserts doesn't help. That's not a plan, it's just an idea. An idea that usually fails by the end of the day. 

My friend took me to a nutritional meeting/party.  They were talking about Body By Vi.'s 90 Day challenge. I had never heard of it. Well, the beautiful ladies who were hosting were extremely convincing.  Despite the fact that I am broke and it does cost money, I decided to go for it.  They do have a fairly simple way to ensure that you get your product free so I am working on that. 

So my goal is to drink 2 shakes a day, have 2 small snacks and then a normal dinner.  This works for me because I like to snack.  I will be eating often, which is good. I do plan to stick with it for the 90 days.  Yup, the whole summer. 

I decided to resurrect this blog to help keep me accountable and just to write down what I eat. Hopefully I'll do it daily but who knows. 

Breakfast - Regular shake
Snack - Egg whites and salsa
Lunch - Shake with a banana
Snack - Dried mango's and cherries, a bit of ham and mustard
Dinner - Mongo's Grill with friends.  1 bowl of stir fry, mainly veggies with black beans & chickpeas. 
Snack - 3 healthy bites of rhubarb crisp
Another snack - Dried mango's and cherries
Lots of water

I stayed up way too late and decided to munch on the rest of the dried fruit in the house.  Normally I don't have a problem with late night munching. It's the afternoons that I have to worry about.  So if I hadn't had the rhubarb crisp and the extra dried fruit I would have been perfect.  Let's face it, I'm not going to be perfect every day, am I?


  1. hi Debbi
    looks like we are both resurrecting our blogs at the same time. I have yet to write my post but stopped by because I was checking out all my buttons from last year searching for weight loss challenges. If you have a chance I'd love for you to stop by. BTW the food you ate sounds yummy. (as does that gyro on your sidebar.

  2. I wondered if you were still blogging here! I never remembered to check, but am glad to see I'm still subscribed! I got your email about this and I'm thinking about it. Do you know if the men do the exact same thing? I'm worried Dennis wouldn't get enough to eat but he seems like he would like to do it with me. Maybe they just eat bigger snacks and meals. Also, how does the plain shake taste and how many flavor packets do you get with the mix? Enough to flavor each shake or just a certain number? Anyway, much luck and love to you! I hope this helps you and your daughter both!

  3. The plain shake tastes awesome! Seriously, no chalkiness and it tastes super sweet. Like cake mix kinda. I've been mixing and experimenting with flavors but it really is just fine by itself.


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