Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beans! Beans! The magical fruit!

I ate a lot of beans today. I didn't mean to, it just sorta happened. 

I made baked beans last night.  They were awesome. I LOVE baked beans, I tend to eat way too many of them because they are soooooooo good. Healthy as they are, one cup of my beans is about 375 calories.  A cup is quite filling so that's okay. 

So Hubs had to work last night so we had a ton of baked beans leftover.  I decided to eat a cup for breakfast. I wasn't in the mood to deal with eggs and these looked good and I knew they would fill me up.  They did.  So then lunch comes around and after I feed the 1100 kids in my house, I'm not in the mood to make something for myself.  Laziness kicks in. So.  Beans it is.  Again. 

Did I mention that I love baked beans? 

I had some other snacks in there too but then comes dinner.  It's hot and humid, Hubs is working again so we're not doing a major production for food.  The kids ate waffles, ham and fruit. I opened the freezer and had a Chipotle Bean Burger from Morningstar. 

These babies ROCK! I love them!  I buy them at Costco and I could seriously eat them daily.  Only 210 calories per patty.  So I make a salad with the chipotle bean burger, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream for dinner.  It was awesome. 

So. Moral of the story, I ate beans, beans and then more beans.  Quite the beany day. 

You DO know what happens when you eat too many beans, don't you?? 


I am totally not affected by beans.  They are healthy, they fill me up and I love them.  No regrets about the bean day.  Even though I did take in a bit too many calories than I wanted to.  I came in at about 1600. I'm good with that. 

(and there is about a half of a cup of baked beans still in the refrigerator)  tee-hee.


  1. I wish they had the same effect on me as well...beano for me! lol!

  2. I don't have the same side effect as you Debbi... LOL I love black beans...

  3. I'm going to give those bean burgers a whirl. They sound great and, as we all know, fiber is our friend. :^)


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