Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eating When You Are Hungry??

I got inspired today to write this post.  I was reading Kat's Adventure in Dietland's post about battling hunger

She is struggling with the eat when you are hungry only thought.  She doesn't want to calorie count, she wants to eat regular portions but still feels hungry after sometimes. She asked the question, "What do you do when you've had enough to eat, but still want to eat more?"

One reader said that she thought it was emotional eating. 

I don't necessarily agree that eating when not "hungry" is emotional. (Is boredome an emotion?) Eating 24 tacos is something emotional but eating a reasonable sized dinner, then an hour later wanting a granola bar, 1/2 hour after that wanting an ice cream sandwich, then wanting some popcorn 1/2 hour later that your hubby popped and it smells do darn good.  THAT, is just having the munchies. THAT is why we are fat. I wouldn't call that uncontrollable eating. (I KNOW uncontrollable eating, been there, done that). It's the snacking and munching that will pack on the pounds. You don't have to be HUNGRY to eat any of those things.

I've never been able to do the eat when you are hungry thing. I am home all day with daycare kids. The best I can do is hold off on my lunch if I'm not quite hungry. Then I can, (in theory), not snack so much before dinner. My stomach is not necessarily growling when eat that granola bar in the afternoon!  It's not necessarily unhealthy, it has protein but it's 100 - 140 calories that I don't NEED at that moment.  Then, it tastes so darn good I want another one!  AAAAHHH!!  Don't do THAT!

I didn't really answer her question.  "What do you do when you've had enough to eat, but still want to eat more?" 

I eat.  That's why I am not losing weight.  That's why I gained the 20 lbs. back that I already lost.  I eat.

She had some good tips for what to do and good heatlhy things to eat in between meals.  They are good tips and you should go read them.  BUT, the question now is: Will you APPLY them? 

Will I DO them??

This is linked with Watch My Weight Wednesday over at Angie's Healthy Living Blog!


  1. Hey girl! I have you down as 236.0 last that correct? Is it a loss of .2 this week? Just want to keep my stats right! 266 is listed on the blogroll on my sidebar...she's the very first one...check it out!! :)

  2. I'm having this problem week too. I'm craving meat. Beef, pork, chicken, rabbit...anything. Trying to stick with small portions but that's been hard too. We usually only have meat once or twice a week, this week 4 times. Good thing there's lots of fresh veggies to take up the rest of the space in the tummy.
    Take care and God Bless.

  3. I read her suggestions and think they are good ones. The only one I can't do is go to bed hungry. I would much rather have a peanut butter and cracker before bed than wake up several times feeling hungry and maybe giving in and eating everything in the fridge.

    Water and protein work for me. Brushing teeth is something that works, but I forget to do it after every meal. I would add to just do something else to get your mind off of food. I love to cook and try new recipes, but sometimes you just have to go and fold laundry or clean the shower!

  4. What works best with me is planning ahead...snacks included. Never go hungry. Figure out what your diet will be, and schedule accordingly.


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