Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weigh In: August 4 Summer 15 Challenge

Isn't salt amazing??  I wrote about this last week how I was absolutely amazed at what salt can do to the body. I've seen where I will eat out or get pizza over the weekend and Monday morning have "gained" 2 -3 lbs. in salt.  That's why I don't weigh in on Mondays. 

Well, the weekend we were out of town we ate out a lot. I didn't necessarily gorge myself but we ate out.  McDonalds, Subway, a buffet, and pizza.  Then I did eat a individual size bag of chips every day while at the hotel. Oh - AND I was having my period.

Anyways, I came home Monday, fat and bloated, jumped on the scale and was 249. 


That was 11 lbs. gained in 5 days.  I was 238 the previous Wednesday.  Can you imagine how horrified I was to see an 11 lbs. + weight gain in 5 days!!  I KNEW that a lot of it was salt and water but how much?  I knew I overate but I kept thinking, "I didn't eat THAT much, did I?" By my next Wednesday weigh in, it was better. Not gone, but better. Now, the water and salt is gone. Plus I've been tracking calories and eating good. 

I came in today at 236 even. *sigh of relief*  Back on track. For now. 

So next week is all me. No salt and water to whine about. I am completely avoiding the restaurants. Not picking up pizza.  None of that.

I think I mentioned that I was in a new challenge for August? The End Of The Summer Challenge.  I started that challenge on August 1st at 237.6.  The salt and everything bad was completely out of me by then so it was the PERFECT time to pick up on the challenge!!

I did good today. It was busy so I didn't track my food as I was eating it but I came out okay. Not super but okay. I need to plan and track though, otherwise I DON'T stay on track.


  1. Debbi, do you weigh yourself at the same time of day everytime you weigh in? The reason I ask is that if I weighed myself in the morning and then again in the evening, I'd probably gain 1-2lbs (not from food...just from salt and water retention during the day). I find that the scale numbers are way more favorable in the mornings so I try to never get on the scale past 9am. Otherwise, my mind starts playing games with me!

  2. I agree - salt will get you every time! I just wanted to stop by and wish you luck on the challenge - I'm in it too! Looking forward to see you do great!

  3. Yep, salt will totally make you retain water! I'm feeling the bloat right now from some bad eating the last several days..OK, the last WEEK. Gained 3 pounds!!!! Phooey! Let's pinky swear to each other that we WILL write down what we eat. I stopped doing that the last three days and only recorded half of what I ate in the earlier part of the week. I always go off track when I stop recording. let's do this!


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