Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lack of Posting...OOPS!

Boy do I stink at posting!!  As predicted, life got WAY busier when school started.  I am glad I had a bunch of recipes written up for my recipe blog otherwise I wouldn't have had anything posted there either!!

I have been eating well, sorta.  I'm not setting any records but I haven't been out to eat, no binges, and no desserts.  I have not been tracking calories though. I've been mentally calculating and it's been decent.  I need to actually write it down to succeed in losing weight though. I KNOW THIS. 

I had a good workout today, we went to Minnehaha Falls, a local waterfall and park. We rented some cool chopper bikes and rode those around for an hour and then we went down the 130 steps down to the bottom of the waterfall.  We hiked downstream and the kids played in the river while I relaxed for awhile. It was fun.  Of course, then there are always the 130 stairs back UP.  WHEW!  That's tough, not too bad though.  We've been there several times this year so I'm used to it and the kids LOVE it.

I'm hoping to calculate calories tomorrow.  Hopefully.

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  1. wow! that sounds like a fun day with the fam :) yea i think i would drop dead with 130 steps!! lol
    it is always good when you can combine fun with working out..


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