Saturday, September 4, 2010


I need to stop making desserts. If they are here. I will eat them. If they aren't here. I won't eat them. It's simple as that. 

Simple?  Maybe. Easy? No way!!

I'm not making tons of them but enough to completely blow days worth of calories and make it so there is no way I am going to lose weight.  It's not like I don't KNOW that I shouldn't eat it (or make it in the first place).  But it's not enough to stop me. 

I rationalize.  I'll only eat a piece. I'll give it mostly away. I'll let the kids eat it.  And so on. 

The reality?

I eat way more than one piece. I give some away but not as much as originally intended. I don't let my kids have more than one piece because I am trying to give them healthy eating habits.  So who eats it?  ME. 

Yet the cycle continues. 

I need to stop making desserts. Period.


  1. I know you said you weren't going to make any more, but for those of us who aren't making or eating them but just, like casually (obsessively) shopping for them on the edibles section on etsy and adding them to our shopping carts and not eating them... care to share whatchya been cookin' so we can live wildly through you?

  2. I can't have any dessert-type foods in my house because they just call to me to eat them until I give in, stuff my face and make myself sick. Instead of buying ice cream or frozen yogurt I've gone to the local ice cream place about once a month and got a kiddie size serving. I can quence my cravings without having a whole gallon constantly tempting me until I polish it off.

    Good luck staying away from the desserts. They taste so much better when they're a once in a while treat instead of an every day binge.

    Go for the fruit, it's sweet, fresh and delicious this time of year.

  3. You are absolutely right, Debbie. If I make it, I eat it. Husband eats a bite or two, then it's all me. I take some of it to the neighbors, but yeah, I eat it. Would you believe yesterday I threw a mini loaf of banana bread in the garbage? I did it.

  4. I so know what you mean! When I'm not making desserts, it seems so EASY to eat right. When I'm baking & making desserts, it's so EASY to eat a dozen cookies--lol. If it is hard to stop making them, perhaps you could make them only once a month? For me, I will always be making cakes since I sell them on the side, but I can definitely back off on making all the other goodies. I need to.


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