Thursday, September 2, 2010

Operation Rehydration!

So, yesterday we went to the Minnesota State Fair day! I didn't do TOO bad.  If it wasn't for the chocolate chip cookies and the ginormous bucket of fries my husband got, I would have been fine. We got a lot of stuff but I basically just took a bite of everything. Or two.  But then I ate like 8 cookies.  That was dinner!!

We went to the Weird Al concert at the fair! You can read about our Weird Al day here on my other blog.   I think I will do a food recap with pictures on my other blog this weekend.  It was fun to take pictures of everything we ate!

I am super dehydrated though!  I didn't drink NEAT enough at the fair so it's operation rehydration today and tomorrow!!

I weighed myself before the fair and wasn't pleased. I didn't think I did THAT bad but there was a gain. 2 lbs.  Huh??  Well, I'm the same AFTER the fair which is good!!

Today's eats:

Pizza egg bagel = 200 calories
Cheese pizza = 550 calorie
Smiley Fries = 150 calories
Vitatop = 100 calories
2 Turkey wraps = 430 calories
2 Tootsie rolls = 60 calories

Total = 1490 calories

I shouldn't have been munching on fries!!  Really, after the fair fries, I didn't even enjoy these!  I had 12 kids here yesterday and pizza and fries was the quickest and easiest thing to make and I ended up eating leftovers. Grrr.

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  1. i LOVE weird Al! HAHAHA i went to a Weird Al concert at Rocky Point wayyyyyy back in the day lol, i think i was like 12 :)
    but cookies for dinner once in a while is never a bad thing.. lol


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