Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Ate Too Much...

Ok, I think I ate too much today.  Not a ton but I really don't know because I didn't track.  #1 goal.  TRACK YOUR FOOD. I'm not doing it. 

So anyways, I ate just "okay" today. 

BUT ...

I would have ate more if it wasn't for the awesome reminders all day. 

I am home all day with the kids. I homeschool my 3 kids and I do daycare.  So there are MANY kids around all day long. Kids are always hungry.  I give them breakfast, snacks, lunch, more snacks, and drinks. So I am always in the kitchen.  It is so easy for me to grab a handful of cereal before putting it away, have a few pretzels while I'm handing them out to the kids, have a fingerful of peanut butter...  That kind of stuff.  I'm surrounded by it all day. 

I also leave my email open and I get a ding when a new email pops up. My computer desk is sorta in the middle of everything so I am able to quickly read emails throughout the day. 

I LOVE when I am thinking about grabbing a granola bar and I get this email that tells me to "stop snacking and get my head in gear" or something like that.  These came today at the best times. 

So, while I probably snacked a bit too much. I feel victorious that it wasn't worse. I still need to get in a better place but for now I'm holding my own. 

A bit scared about tomorrows weigh in though...


  1. I find that I have to write down what I eat, and just decide that even if my kids are eating potato chips and pizza, I WILL stick to my "on plan" foods. Its not easy, but I find it easier to not eat the junk at all than to try to moderate it.

  2. I bet once you decide to stop the quick grab, you will rock it out, but don't put too much pressure on yourself, just make it become a habit to NOT do it then it will flow from you naturally.

  3. Why do we put off doing what we KNOW we need to do and what we KNOW works?! Could someone please explain that to me?! I know tracking my food is really important (for me) in losing weight but I too have trouble buckling down and do it. It's self-sabotage. Let's help ourselves and just do it.

  4. I have only been tracking for 3 full months. Before, it was only a guess. I didn't know how to count calories. I'm still not a wiz at it, but I know am learning from it. It's surprising sometimes when I look up something I just ate and find out it has 2 or 3 times as many calories as what I thought. Yikes!

    I definitely think you should track. Yes, even the finger in the peanut butter. You might find that you would rather give up the little bits here and there to invest the calories in something of substance and good for you.


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