Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday & Hot 100 Update

Well, if there was an award for maintaining, that would be me.  I'm up .1 lbs.  So obviously nothing significant. 

Goals for the Hot 100:

Posting: I want to post regularly on the dieting blog here. My original goal was to post daily but that just isn't happening. Way too busy and half the time I don't have much inspirational stuff to say. I will continue to weigh in on Wednesdays and try to post other days as well.

I have been posting more, of course, my GOAL is to be posting my meals, that is what really helps, however, just being accountable to the blog helps a lot.  While I didn't lose weight this week, I did make better choices than I would have.

Food Tracking: This is super essential for me to lose weight and maintain control. If I leave it to change, I stop caring. I lost 100 lbs. from tracking daily. It worked. Then I stopped. Now, 20 lbs. later, I NEED to get back into it. I've been whining about it forever but I just need to stick with it. I'm very hit or miss about it. It needs to become a priority again.

Nope to the food tracking.  I would start in the morning and then by the afternoon, I'd be eating random things for lunch and then trying to scramble to figure out roughly how many calories I ate.  Yes, I'm busy but this HAS to be a priority for me. It is the only way I have been successful in the past!

Get moving: I hate exercise. I've made that clear on other posts. Plus I have ankle issues to prevent me from hopping around and running, BUT, there are still plenty I can do. I need to start doing it. Regularly.

Nope to the moving.  At least not anything extra. I do daycare so I AM moving throughout the day but I want to be doing a regular exercise routine. I've actually never had a regular exercise routine. I have a WII fit that I need to get on daily.  I used to, now I "claim" not to have the time.

So while I may not have fulfilled my goals, I still feel pumped and motivated.  I wouldn't be even writing post after post if I didn't.  I've been blogging this blog for the entire summer without weight loss success but yet I still do it.  Somethings got to change.


  1. Deb it is hard.. hang in there...I am in the same soup

  2. Your last paragraph says so much. Try taking some baby steps today. You are already starting off strong logging - push yourself to make it a little farther in the day. Try pushing yourself to do just a little formal exercise: a set of push ups, a short walk around the block, etc.

    You can do this Deb! You CAN do it!

    I'll have an update post go up right after midnight tomorrow. Be sure to post a link there when you get a chance.

  3. I have the same tendency to snack, I am either home with my kids or working at home alone 20 feet from my kitchen. I probably used to graze my way through 1000 calories a day. I have tried millions of times to lose weight, seldom having any success. About a month ago, I did two things. 1) Make sleep hygenie my number 1 priority. No matter what, I go to bed and get up at the same time. 2) Stocked my drawers an pantries with peppermint gum. Anytime I feel the urge to snack, I pop in a piece. Its hard with the kids around since I don't let them chew, but just explained it is something for grown ups (like dad's beer). Anyways, this has really helped me break the urge to snack. Sometime my jaw gets tired and I end up brushing my teeth instead. Same thing. Anyways, just felet like sharing for some reason. Hang in there, you can do it.

  4. Deb,I am proud of you for staying accountable and not going crazy and eating everything you want. Maintaining is a blessing when compared with the what could have happened! Now you just need to go that one step further, and you already know this, and track your food. Maybe if you work on one goal each week, and add to them each week, then it will make it more attainable.

  5. I didn't do well my first week on the challenge either:( But my summer was even worse! I'm going to check out your other blog now...

  6. Debbi-I think we should create an award for maintaining. I am excellent at this too :)


  7. Debbi, how do you do your menu each week? I need help. Really, do you just go into your cupboards and pick and choose or do you just know what's there. I didn't do the greatest for my first week at least on that goal. I did exercise but not the fish flopping stuff so need to do that too. Good thing week two is coming, another chance to do better.
    Good luck Debbi. You'll do good, I know it.
    Take care and God Bless!!!

  8. Well, hi, Deb! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I think the fact that your goals are written out and that you were willing to assess your progress--even tho it wasn't perfect--is an excellent thing. I believe you when you say you're motivated to hit it hard.

    :D You wouldn't have psted the update as you did if you weren't determined to heat up the place. :D

    I used to have a hard time tracking--I hate papeer and pencil tracking, and counting calories makes me obsess.

    BUT, I found ( There are other sites that do the same thing.) All I have to do is type in what I've eaten--and once I got a list of favorites, I only had to do a click--and SP shakes and bakes it and spits out a calorie total AND how those cals break down.

    So I know if I need to focus on protein for dinner and how many cals I have left, for instance.

    I take a pause,usually after lunch and punch it all in. Works well for me.

    You'll find what works for you, too.

    We're getting HOT now!


  9. As others have said, the fact that you are still feeling pumped and motivated, and that you are still blogging is a bery positive sign. And there is certainly plenty more inspiration out there in Hot100 land. Onward and upward!

  10. Sometimes maintaining is our bodies way of assimilating. I think your goals look great and you are off to a good start!


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