Monday, January 24, 2011

Consistent Exercise

3 weeks with a regular exercise program for me.  For many that might sound insignificant or hardly worth celebrating but for me - it's something.

I've certainly exercised before.  But very intermittently.  Never regular. I'd spend a whole week on the treadmill - then ignore it for a month whining about how much I "should" get on it. I've done my pilates video - then woken up with sore muscles and ignored it for a month just to repeat what happened he last time.  

Well, I've been on the treadmill for 3 weeks solid and while I am still going pretty slow, it's getting easier and I'm upping the MPH.  Slowly.  Still have to be careful of the ankle but so far it hasn't been yelling at me. 

Now I'm in a regular routine of waking up early and I am finding myself planning my exercise. I am a planner, big time. But I have NEVER planned exercise. I'm actually thinking ahead for when is the best time to get on the treadmill and when to do other exercises.  I DO feel better and I am enjoying that it is becoming part of my routine. 

Today's Eats:

Bagel thin, cheese & egg beaters = 175
Yogurt = 100
Another chicken bean wrap = 225
2 1 cup Beef stew = 444 222
Total = 1155 933

I had planned for 2 cups of beef stew but never got to the second one and was never hungry for it. It was a slightly heaping cup of stew that came in at 222 calories and it filled me up.  I went on the treadmill after and then finished up school with the kids, did some bible reading with them and never thought about food again.  Until I came to post this. 

I am finding myself slightly hungry at the moment but I will be in my bed in less than 5 minutes so I will deal with it.  I am way more sleepy than hungry.


  1. I love this!! You know I'm a planning nut now too, hehe! I actually scribble what I plan to do as my exercise for the day in my agenda and then mark it down in green (because this makes me happy for some reason) when it's finished. Makes me feel accomplished!

    Don't push too hard and risk an injury, but I'm learning that most of what I'm fighting isn't physical- it's me still thinking I'm 250 lbs and can't do A, B, or C. Still have to watch my knee, but my knee (with some of this fat gone) MAY be capable of more than I realize. Won't know until I try- but oh so carefully because I definitely don't want to be down for a week because I was careless! Have fun with it and be careful!

  2. Debbi,
    We sound very alike. I was unable to stick to an exercise routine until I started Allan's plan. Now, I feel great because it finally seems like I have gotten to the place where I ENJOY it. It is a good feeling isn't it? Hugs!

  3. They say it takes 21 days to create something into a habit. Sounds like you've nailed the workout habit. Good work! Cheers, Rick


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