Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tasty Eats!

Today's Eats:

Eggs, ham & cheese = 250
Chicken bean wrap = 225
2 Tangy Chicken Fajitas = 500
1/2 banana = 50

Total calories = 1025
Lots of water

Not a lot of say tonight.  Spent the day with the family, it was fun.  Came home to make a slightly new way for making chicken fajitas.  The sauce was good, it was sweet with the orange juice and spicy with the chipotle powder. Very nice mixture.  I doubled it and made many changes, it won't post on my blog for several weeks probably.  I'm still backlogged!  I do add the links for the recipes that I make in case you are interested but I often omit oil and add veggies and make changes. 


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  1. The orange juice sounds like a great addition to the chicken. I'll have to try that! Cheers, Rick


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