Friday, January 7, 2011

Conversation With A Treadmill

Treadmill:  "Three days this week?  Really?"

Me:  "Yea, so what?"

Treadmill:  "Well, it's just been so long, I thought you'd forgotten about me!"

Me:  "Well, you'd better get used to it, I'm planning on spending much more time with you"

Treadmill:  "Yeah, you've said that before.  We'll see."

Me:  "I mean it! I'm really here to stay!"

Treadmill: "Really?"

Me:  "Well, at least until spring and summer.  Then I'll walk outside."

Treadmill:  "Figures."

Today's Eats:
Mexican breakfast nachos = 200
Squash pasta = 350
Salad = 120
Squash pasta = 560
Total = 1230 calories
Tons of water
Exercise = check

No cooking again today.  I told you that squash pasta was good and it made a LOT.   I have one more portion that I intend on eating for tomorrows lunch!


  1. hahahahahhahahah i love this!! and mmm i've always wanted to try squash pasta!

  2. I don't know if my 12 year old treadmill would even START, it's been so long. It's in the back room, and the wiring is old and I'm afraid to start it up. (Sometimes, I had to turn the a/c off so as not to strain the circuits.)

    Gotta say, visiting your blog is dangerous. It's like Allan's Food Porn posts. Such yummy stuff. OMG!

  3. I have that conversation with the suburban when we are heading to the gym. It's say, I don't want to go, it's cold. I say tough luck we're going. It says fine, you're the boss. It lets me win and off we go. Worked out hard twice today, once with the Wii and once at the gym. Gotta get rid of those two extra pounds.
    Keep up the great work Debbi and thanks for stopping by. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  4. Show that treadmill who's boss!!


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