Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gym in a Bag

So I entered Steve's Hot 100 Challenge which helped a lot. I enjoyed supporting other bloggers and gaining support from them. One of the prizes offered was for Best Supporting Blogger.  Karen, from Waisting Time was a wonderful support to many and by vote, was chosen the winner! She did great and deserved this prize.  However, she was unable to use the exercise Gym in a Bag and DVD so she graciously offered it to me. I am so sorry she wasn't able to use the prizes but was pleased that I COULD use them!


We LOVE the Gym in a Bag. My 11 year old first adopted it and carried it around calling it "Jim".  I had never used resistance bands before so I was eager to see how they worked.  We watched the video and now all of us are using this. 

We like to watch a movie a couple times a week in the evening and this is the perfect time to get some training in. I often will walk on the treadmill while watching, my brother has been doing light exercises and stretches for years while watching.  Now the kids are doing stuff too by using the bands or lifting some light weights.  Nothing strenuous but it keeps us from just SITTING on the couch doing nothing. 

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Today's Eats:

Chicken & Bean Wrap = 225
Granola bar = 150
Meatballs = 450
Salad w/dressing = 120
1 banana = 100
Yogurt w/blueberries= 130
Total calories = 1175

Weird day for eating.  Woke up late and had a leftover chicken wrap for breakfast/lunch.  Took the kids to the science museum for the day, ate a granola bar.  Then we went to go see Tangled at this theater that serves food.  I had decided not to eat anything even though I was starving!  My sons spaghetti came with meatballs that he didn't order so I ate them. Very spicy and delicious and probably way more calories than I want to know.

Now I'm home and still hungry.  The meatballs just didn't do it even though I'm sure it was massive calories. I was PLANNING to come home to a couple of chicken wraps  rather than the stupid meatballs.  That would have filled me up more and not been so full of fat and God only knows what else.  So I'll put the kids to bed, have a yogurt and call it a night with eating.  Drinking will continue as I have not had enough to drink.  I'm sure I'll be up all night peeing.  :-)


  1. I was wondering... do you drink only water? With my milk and sometimes orange juice I've been taking in about 1400 calories a day when I am aiming for 1200-1400. I just noticed you weren't counting beverages.

    Congrats on the gym in a bag; it should come in handy. I'm glad someone is able to actually use it. I have a duplicate work out DVD that I am planning on giving away on my blog soon.

  2. I actually DO just drink water. Occasionally I will have some caffeine free hot tea that doesn’t have any calories either. I used to be a big diet coke fan but gave it up years ago. I personally would rather eat my calories rather than drink them. My kids are freaks about juice and always want it but they eat tons of fruit so I just don't buy juice usually. I figure they don't need it. I have a cup of water with me everywhere I go! Thanks for asking!

  3. I am so glad you like this. I am a big Gym-in-a-Bag fan too!

  4. Debbi, That was so nice of Karen to give " jim" to you! That is am awesome prize! Great idea working out while watching movies. I have started geting up and doing SOMETHING during commercials. Put dishes or laundry away, pick something up... just do somethimg. I really think it makes a big difference. Little things add up!
    Have a pretty day!

  5. Love that idea of gym in a bag. Looks like good, healthy fun and great to see the kids are interested, too!


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