Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 5 of 120

Funny, when you go without real sugar for so long, grapes taste like one of the sweetest most wonderful things in the world. We are a spoiled bunch if we think that we need chocolate or sweet desserts to satisfy our sweet tooth.  Nature is full of naturally sweet, delicious things that we take for granted.  I'll pass on the brownies and cupcakes. Give me some grapes and a Fuji apple instead! 

Breakfast = 180
Snack = 150
Salad = 100
Snack = 175
Dinner = 400

Total = 1005

I was planning an evening snack but decided to go to bed early as we are at an assembly all weekend and have to get up super early both Saturday and Sunday.  Looking forward to it though!


  1. And the chocolate covered raisins are a wonderful substitute for sugar. Oops!

  2. I agree! I got so used to eating rich desserts that I got spoiled but now I hardly ever eat it so when I had a date today, I was amazed at how sweet & delicious it was! It was ginormous and not dry and icky like most dried dates--very soft and moist. God has provided for us abundantly--why do we have to go and mess it up so often? I remember the assemblies fondly. My Grandma and Uncle almost always came from Joplin, MO to join us and I remember I liked when they did skits and acted out stories from the Bible.


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