Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 47 of 120

Eight days of meals to choose from with no repeats.  That's the Phase 5 challenge this week.  It's interesting. Today I chose menu #3. It worked well as I was planning steak for dinner and eggs for breakfast is my favorite.  Interesting day that if you add the calories up on the meal plan, I get 1970 calories.  I presume the thought process is that after several months of 1200 calorie meals, the body needs to be "shocked" so to speak with eating a higher calorie diet. 

The body gets used to 1200 calories therefore it predicts that you will eat 1200 calories and plans accordingly.  When you throw 2000 calories at it unexpectedly, your metabolism speeds up and your body kinda says "what the heck?!"  Then when you go back to your 1200 calorie diet, your body and metabolism stays at alert for awhile, not quite knowing what you are going to throw at it. 

I get it. I believe in that and that is how I lost my weight a year or so ago.

Here's the problem for me right now, I "shocked" my body last week by eating too much crap so I don't need to do that this week.  If anything, I need to stay on a super heatlhy, low sugar, low carb week to get the junk out of my body and get it back on track.  So while I will try to stay on plan, it's not going to be a 1970 calorie day for me.  Of course, I'm writing this at 6 in the morning so who knows what the day will bring.  There are Oreos in the cupboard that are 2200 calories, that may be lunch.  :-)


Breakfast = 175
Snack = 150
Lunch = 400
Snack = 150
Dinner = 350
Total = 1225

I actually ate more than planned. I ate a big lunch and a hefty snack. I should have skipped dinner or eaten very light dinner as I wasn't really even hungry but it was nummy so I ate.  Then I got really full.  Walked around Walmart with the family for 2 hours and now I'm so ready for bed.  I'm still really full too.


  1. great blog... Nice weight loss pattern..

  2. That's an interesting theory you have on the way the body's metabolism reacts to extra calories. I cut out sugar completely from my diet and I find that if I ever do end up eating some sugar products, my body feels like it's being 'shocked' and it really does not feel good.

    One thing I want to say though, cutting out sugar was the best thing I could have done to see more weight loss results. All my exercise now goes so much further because of no sugar in my diet and my metabolism is pretty good too. I see like twice the results from my rebounding workouts than I used to. I would recommend throwing out those oreos - outta site outta mind!

  3. It's just plain hard at times. Even on paper it's hard. Just keep up the great work Debbi. You are doing grand.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  4. The plan is interesting. I have not counted up the calories. I've been countint on my own and not necessarily following the plan exactly and losing about a pound or 2 a week. As of last Sunday I have followed exactly. scale fluctuates..I've enjoyed not counting calories and just following the plan


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