Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hot Tuesday!

We have had the coldest, most dreary spring that I can remember.  Barely any nice days at all.  Now, it's the beginning of June and it's 101 degrees.  2 days from now it's supposed to be a high of 66. Go figure.  Funky weather. Only in Minnesota. 

The kids had a blast playing with the hose and sprinkler.  Actually, one of the daycare kids sat on the sprinkler and broke it the first 5 minutes. So they just played with the hose. 

Then they played in the hobo pool. I can't have a pool as I do daycare so they make due with toys bins that they dump out, fill with ice cold water and take their turns plunging themselves in the water.  We're really classy here.

Breakfast started out about the same as yesterday. I added a few oranges that the kids were eating for breakfast.

Hubs was nice enough to go to the store for milk, lettuce and fruit for the week. He came home with this jar of pickle spears.  The jar lasted about 10 minutes as the kids at it like they had never seen food before.  I even had a spear myself. 

For lunch, I made an awesome salad with a ton of fruit; strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.  Plus some fat free Raspberry Pecan dressing.  Deliciousness.

Then I had leftover apple and onion quesadillas from last night.  Today I put a tablespoon of BBQ sauce over it. It was awesome!  So awesome in fact, that I had another one for dinner!

Then I got snacky.  I love to snack, I just need to choose wisely.  This is not the best of the bars.  It's more like a candy bar.  They are REALLY good.  Not the greatest stats, 3 g. of protein and 170 calories.

I knew I wasn't going to have anything special for dinner so the snackiness continued.  I work at home, I love to snack so somedays, this works for me. As long as I'm staying within calories, I'm good.  So next came my yogurt.  I love the thick and creamy ones!

For dinner I had the other apple, onion, BBQ quesadilla, along with some pineapple.  Then I had another portion of the filling without the tortilla. It was good just as a chicken salad.  Hubs was nice enough to buy 2 pineapples today.  There is a coupon for $1.25 off of 2 pineapples on Coupons.com if you're interested.  You can print the coupon twice.  This was a little tart but still delicious. 

I said it was hot, so for dessert, I had 2 of these bad boys.  Highly tasty!  I hadn't planned these but they were good on a hot night.

Tuesday's Eat's:
Egg Bagel = 175
Oranges = 35
Pickle = 5
Salad = 160
Apple Quesadilla = 230
Sweet n Salty Bar = 170
Yogurt = 100
Apple Quesadilla = 230
Apple Quesadilla filling = 120
6 oz. pineapple = 85
2 sugar free fudgsicles = 80
Total calories = 1390


  1. Great job on the calories!!! You have starved me out and I just ate!! LOL Everything looks so good. Way to Go!!

  2. Your food looks yummy!!

    NV's weather has been insane this year too! Yesterday, it was cloudy and raining. Today has been beautiful!!!

    Think it's finally time to get the garden started. :)

  3. I'm about to order some Dixie Diner Sticky bars. I normally avoid bars as they tend to have crap ingredients. But this one has a decent mix of stuff and is high in fiber, so I think for having in my purse or for a snack when at a relative's or whenever, they'll be good for the challenge. I like the Banana Pecan ones...nice texture. Less than 200 cals. In this warm weather, they'll probably arrive droopy. ; )

    Anyway, on to day three. Let's rock it!

  4. Wow, lots of food for the calories! I need to take some time to try some of your recipies... I just hate cooking right now with everyone that's in my house. Hey, I'm in Minnesota too! LOL, we definitely are having some weird weather!!

  5. Sounds like a great day! I'll have to get those popsicles in when the sherbet runs out! :) I used to eat them when I was on WW and completely forgot about them until I just saw them here on your post!

  6. That salad and quesadilla both look amazing. I can't wait to try some of your recipes.

    I sometimes eat Larabar bars. They are totally natural and pretty good. The majority of the bar is made of nuts with fruit for sweetening so pretty healthy.

  7. Have you ever tried the Trader Joe's Fig Bars? They are a little more than 10 calories and tasty, too. Stay cool!

  8. You got alotta bang for buck there food-wise ! The eats looks delish !!

    Love the hobo pool...lol. Gotta do what you have to do to keep cool !!

  9. What a yummy diet you've created!

    And only 1390 calories. I am impressed!

  10. Looks like you are really going well Debbi, well done! What I would give to live in America sometimes. Fudgsicles look good :)


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