Friday, August 12, 2011

Gluten Free

So I had a whole post written down for this week about whole grains.  I was going to just remind everyone how much better whole grains are and how the body has to work so much harder to process the whole wheat rather than the other, therefore making it better for your body. Yea, we all know that but sometimes a reminder is good.

But then I nixed the whole post. 

I'm starting a hopefully temporary new way of eating.  Gluten free.

It seems that everyone is getting on the gluten free bandwagon lately.  For different reasons it seems, some for medical reasons and many just because it makes them feel better. 

Well, I've been having this intestinal issue for awhile.  I'm not constipated. I don't have diarrhea.  No cramping or pain.  I....well...

Don't laugh. 

No really, don't laugh.

I have really, really, really stinky farts. 

Okay fine, laugh.

Yes, it's true.  It's been especially so the last few months, all summer pretty much.  Before that, I was stinking more than the usual person but I just blew it off as "It must be something I ate".  Well, starting this summer, it's been daily. Really, everyday.  I bought some Special K Protein bars a few months back and was eating one a day and THOUGHT it was because of them.  Boy, was the family glad when those were gone!  Well, the stinky issue didn't go away. 

It didn't matter what I ate.  I finally realized that something is wrong and it isn't just "something that I ate".

So I did some research and found from other stinky sufferers on the internet, that gluten MIGHT be the issue.  Well, it was a good place to start. 

So I did a bunch of research and have been gluten free for 2 days now. 

Guess what. 

I SMELL GOOD!!  Seriously, after the first day, no stink!

I'm going to give it a few more days and then next week introduce gluten again, in small portions and see what happens.  I seriously don't WANT to be gluten free. What will I do without my whole wheat tortillas!  :-)  Although, I have to say, being on something so strict as that, curbs my snacking seriously.  No snacking on pretzels, cereal or leftover pizza crusts.  Not that I've been doing a LOT of that but still, I like to eat a few cheerios from the kids now and then.

So has anyone else ever hear of this problem?  Do you have any gluten free ideas or thoughts?  

Seriously, stop laughing.  :-)


  1. Well, yeah. Same problem here. I don't eat gluten free, but I eat LARGELY wheat free. The trace amounts of gluten in salad dressing, etc I don't have to avoid. But, wheat give me a tummy ache, and the accompanying offensive gas. And offensive it is. Sorry. If I have one portion of wheat, and I mean regular portion, 1 piece of 100% whole wheat toast, or 1 2x2 brownie, I seem to be fine, I am gassy when I get up the next morning for just a bit. BUT, if I eat more than that I am gassy (and uncomfortable) for the next day. I try to decide ahead of time if it's worth it. It usually isn't, so I usually eat wheat free.

    Actually, your whole wheat tortillas are particularly offensive to me, as are whole wheat pastas. They may have some kind of binder or something in they.

    You know me. I eat almost ALL veggies and protein, dairy, berries and melon, with a LITTLE legumes and whole grains thrown in. Way higher calorie than you are aiming for...but since I don't include sugar or wheat, I don't have to limit calories. Or even fat. Think about it:)

    Thanks for the wakeup call by the way. I love talking about farts in the morning.

  2. I went mostly gluten free some months back. I did used some low-carb protein bars at the hospital in July (to keep from snacking too much or getting too tempted), and they had a LITTLE wheat. Hubby is MOSTLY gluten free--ever now and then he has this particular protein bar that has some wheat.

    Bob's Red Mill has gluten-free oats that you can use for oatmeal and cookies and such. Corn tortillas can sub for your fillings. Potatoes can be stuffed.

    Hubby's gotten uberlean since we went gluten free. If you can't order pizza or eat burgers or snack on crackers, etc, a lot of the normal temptations are gone. ; )

    Happy weekend, babe. Keep smelling good.

  3. Oh, and just to clarify: I buy the Lara bars and Dixie Diner Banana Pecan Flax bars for hubby and me now to use, as they are gluten free. I also sent off for samples of the QUEST bars (also gluten free). I really like the option of having a protein bar to carry around for emergencies, but don't want the crap in most of them. Lara bars have, usually, 3 to 6 ingredients, all natural--nuts, fruit, dates. Even finicky hubby likes em.

  4. That stinks!! No really... I love wheat products! Fiber One granola bars gave our family terrible gas.

    Here is a link to making gluten free brownies by using black beans. They are pretty good.

    Also the blog: chocolatecoveredkatie has several gluten free goodies. I have tried the snickerdoodles and they are pretty good (also uses beans instead of flour.

    Good luck. I hope you start feeling better soon.

  5. You have my sympathy My gas was so bad my family literally left the room in the middle of a TV show some days. Soy was my biggest offender. I took all soy out of my food plan and it became breathable to be around me again but it was when I removed wheat that it got 100% better. (oh, and garlic - I had to give up fresh garlic).

    I am not gluten free - I just do not have any wheat or soy.

    May your gas be a thing of the past soon!


  6. So many people have been posting about this, it is obviously an effective and helpful way to eat/live. I hope this remedies your 'situation'. Keep us posted on how it goes. Best wishes!! (I didn't laugh that much when I read it, just a bit I promise!) ;)

  7. Oh dear that does stink!../snicker. I'm glad you shared though. I don't know why it hadn't occurred to me before, but my husband has a similar issue, and his sister has celiac. Might be worth a try. I'm glad you were able to put your gassiness behind you....sorry, couldn't help myself.

  8. OMG so cruel. It hurts when I laugh!
    I have got to put that to the test!
    Sorry Deb that I have been such a drag and literally fallen..I am still checking in good or bad.

  9. You are hilarious! This is funny you wrote about this because I was thinking my husband might be gluten intolerant. Every single time he eats bread, he gets the hiccups. Crazy hiccups. They quit after a while, but it's every single time he eats bread. I'm gonna talk to him about it. He's a meat and potatoes kind of guy so I don't know what he'll do without his bread.


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