Sunday, August 14, 2011

Slimmer This Summer Week 11

We're on the home stretch!!  Two more weeks of the challenge!  How are we all doing?

It's been a good week for me.  Food has been so-so. I've been tracking for the most part but going over in calories.  Not horribly but still over.  I haven't been able to get that strict discipline with food this summer.  It's been up and down for the last couple of months.  How do I get it back??  You'd think looking in the mirror and seeing my giant stomach would put the fear in me and get me motivated again!!  Ugh.  I'll get it, slowly but surely. 

Exercise, however, I've been rocking this week. I set a new goal with number of steps and I've hit it every day this week plus a whole lot more.  I'm noticing a big difference in my walking, I'm getting faster and the ankle is staying happy. I'm even sorta starting to enjoy it.  Shhh...

I've been a bit vague on weight because I've been ignoring the scale.  I wanted to wait until after the challenge to ignore it but I just got so sick of being a slave to the scale.  I really don't want to look at it again until September.  Maybe I'll peek though.  I'm not expecting any glorious results that's for sure.

How's everyone else doing??



  1. Glad to see you're still working it! I saw your stats on the side bar- you're so close to onederland!!

  2. Hey Debbie,

    You are doing great with the exercise! Keep it up and work a bit harder on the food (I'm preaching to myself here, too.).
    (Having trouble posting comments lately.)


  3. Hey...there are three weeks left, aren't there? We're not on week eleven yet, are we?

    I'm flagging, I admit. I started out so strong on the exercise, and I've just gotten lazy. Tomorrow I'm going to swim, because I'm determined to get as much mileage out of the these last three weeks of the challenge as I can. I figure if I do low carb and swimming for an exercise, that will take some weight off.

    So pump it up with me, Debbi. Let's finish the last three weeks strong.

  4. Motivation has been a huge lack for me this summer. I'm trying so hard to get back and get motivated...

    Glad to hear you're doing well.

    I got to the point where I loved exercise too, but then I quit. Hoping to get back to it...

  5. I gained this week but I'm actually happy about it. It means WWers is working for me because this was the first week I gained AND the first week I went off the plan. I know I'll lose it all (and hopefully) more this week. I am doing great on food but bad on exercise. We need to sync up and get both of us going on both this week!

  6. Glad your ankle is behaving itself! LOL It's so annoying when something hinders the exercise- and, for me, it usually happens when I'm really into it!

    I know all about frustration and trying to get back into the routine. I have had some days- several in a row--when it's taken all I've got and then some to stay within the challenge limits. If anyone was able to hear the arguing that goes on in my head, they would commit me. Immediately.

  7. Learning to enjoy exercise/walking is a wonderful place to be. Kudos!

  8. Learning to enjoy exercise/walking is a wonderful place to be. Kudos!

  9. I hope you make Onderland by Challege-End so we can all happy dance this finale!

  10. Even if you never stepped on the scale again, knowing that something is happening and being honest about why it may not be happening quickly is a victory. Keep the faith that we can all finish out the challenge in a better place than we started. Remember, slow and steady....

    Rock on!

  11. Thanks Debbi for following my new blog. It does feel great to start fresh. You keep up the great work. The hardest is just the day to day trying to do your best. But you can do this, I have faith in you.
    Take care and have a blessed day.
    Oh and I do have the comments sent to my inbox, it is wonderful plus there are a few blogs that come right to my inbox too. It sure helps to stay connected when things are beyond busy.

  12. Oh bummer, I didnt put my link up. I actually didnt give up... just had some family issues.. But still was in...dang it all..... I wish I had done better. Gracie


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