Sunday, August 7, 2011

Slimmer This Summer Week 10

Summer is just flying by!  I can always tell summers coming to an end when the stores start having all their back to school sales. 

Today was fun, went to the pool and got some more sun.  I played with the kids for awhile and then did some kicking in the water with my legs for about 20 minutes.  It wasn't very crowded so I had plenty of room and even though the legs ached a bit, I felt it was a nice unplanned workout.  I'm trying to get better with my legs, I feel they need to most help with strengthening. 

Water has been good, keeping hydrated this week. 

I had an ankle injury last weekend so I've been more cautious on the foot this week.  Pain is gone but it still wants to swell up all the time which is it's way of telling me to go easy.  The water was great as it didn't seem to affect my ankle, more of my legs. I wish I had access to a pool to swim more often. 

I had a decent week of eating this week.  I need to be more strict on the no sugars though.  I found myself craving them this week which is odd.  This weekend I ate out twice.  Grr.  Didn't do TOO bad but certainly not what I planned.

My plan for the week is better on quality of foods and more exercise.  It's supposed to be a nice week without the oppressive heat so I have my exercise class tomorrow and hopefully plenty of brisk walks during the evenings.  Let's just hope the ankle behaves...

How are all of you doing?  Sorry if you're not getting some of my comments, there are several blogs that I know of that aren't getting my comments coming up. We're not sure why.  We're not sure how long it's been happening but there is one blog that I've commented on almost every blog post and she says she hasn't received a comment since June.  What?!  I can tell this is happening on several others.  So just know that I am out there and reading!!!  :-)

If you haven't already entered my giveaways, here they are! I plan to have a couple more over the next couple of weeks too!


  1. Eating out is just a killer for me, too, until I made the decision to have only salad for now when I go out. Every eatery has some kind of plan salad and then I do the dressing on the side. Maybe that will work for you, too.

    I broke my leg a few years back . I think that is one of the reasons I took up biking, it is easier on my foot and leg. My foot still swells with a lot of walking. Not sure if you have access to a bike, but, might help.

    I want you to know that I waited way too long to get my act together about eating and just finally getting healthy. I am sure you know that. There are a million reasons to wait another day or do this or eat that. But, the fact of the matter is that as you age it is harder and harder to lose. Your challenge has been quite helpful for me this summer and I thank-you for that. Let's all work really hard to make these last few weeks count. Sound good??? Michele

  2. I noticed you hadn't commented on my blog for a while but since you had previously said there seems to be an issue with that, I haven't worried. I know you're still out there, reading. :)

    I started printing the menus for all kinds of places we go out to eat on a regular basis so I have an idea of what's good to eat before we go out. You can also get a small book, like CalorieKing Calorie Guide, at bookstores; many of those booklets have the nutritional info for many restaurants. I think it's also easier for my in NYC where it's required that calories are listed on menus.

  3. Ahem, sidebar weight. You didn't add August's beginning of month. ahem. ; )

    I do that thing in the pool, too. I know sometimes people will stare, and I just smile back. I do the scissors. I do push-ups and triceps dips. I do the "walk fast" through water to use the resistance. I do paddling backwards to work the upper arms. All sorts of non-swimming stuff is good in the water. And swimming is hard and good, too. :) But I'm a sucky swimmer. I hate water in my ears and nose and get freaked when they do. No weight on knees is a plus.

    On we go...

  4. Sorry, original link didn't seem to work, so I tried again. Hope that one takes!

  5. I really need to get back into the pool. I am looking forward to getting Little Bit into preschool so I can go work out while the pool is open.

  6. I only ate out once with DoodleBug and we went to a safe place- Atlanta Bread Company where I had half a turkey sandwich (no condiments) and a house salad. I only ate half of each. I'm so scared to gain anything back after the last time I lost 83 pounds and gained them all back and then some. I am not going to let that happen again.

    I'm not much of an exercise swimmer but I have a friend who LOVES it and has lost a lot of weight from it. She has a foot problem that will never heal so swimming is her thing. Do y'all have a YMCA around? They are supposed to be rather affordable.

    Hope your ankle holds out for your walks. You're lucky to be getting a break from the heat.

    Still loving your recipes!

  7. Hi Debbi, how are you doing with number of pounds? I don't mean your specific weight - but are you losing the numbers you wanted to? You always do an overview of how eating, exercise, hydration go - but I was just curious about how those factors of the equation did with the actual result! I love your recipes and the food pics on this page make me go crazy sometimes.

  8. Glad you got some play time in the pool. I hope your ankle heals quickly. As usual, I'm continuing my slow and steady plan and I'm having fun meeting so many new bloggers through this challenge. Let's finish strong! Rock on!

  9. I nominated you for a blogger award. Stop by my blog and check it out.... :-)


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