Saturday, August 20, 2011

Slimmer This Summer Week 12

Well, this is it folks.  The state fair is headed to town next week.  The kids are getting their school supplies together.  People are making Labor Day plans. And the Slimmer this Summer challenge is heading into it's last week.  Summer is coming to an end. 

Is it just me or did that go fast?!  Like, really, really fast! 

We've had a good summer. We did a lot and I'm still hoping to squeeze in some more beach visits before they close, but it's been good. 

This week has been about the same for me.  Good days and then some just so-so days.  I had a mini cold the beginning of the week so I didn't exercise much but then have been doing good the last half of the week.  Eating has been good, but not great.  I'm still trying to figure out the whole digestion thing and seeing if gluten is the answer or not.  I've been ignoring the scale, I'll spend some quality time with it next week.  :-)

Don't forget I have two giveaways, the Vitatops Giveaway and The Comfort Food Diet Cookbook Giveaway.  I also have a giveaway on my other blog for Lawry's Seasoning Marinades that ends tonight!

I'm going to put up one more linky next weekend to link in the final results. I didn't stay as active as a leader as I had hoped but I so appreciate you hanging in there!  Mir was awesome and super helpful!! Check out her post to all of the challengers here!

It doesn't matter if you've been on track all summer, just so-so, or ready to jump back on the wagon, let's make this a GREAT week and get as much done as we can!!


  1. I don't know when I'll have time to get my Motivation Monday post put together so I'll leave my week here for now. I lost almost what I gained last week. I'm still a little behind from that week off the plan, but I am seeing that I can lost about 1 lb a week with diet alone. I started a simple yoga routine I'm doing every morning before Little Bit gets up and I think it is doing well for me. It lasts 20 minutes and isn't too hard to leave me tired the rest of the day.

    Thanks for hosting! It was fun and encouraging.

  2. I, thank-you, too for hosting. The STS really helped get me to focus. I tracked food carefully and exercised a great deal. It was just helpful to check in publicly, plus the support from other bloggers was encouraging. So, THANK-YOU for hanging in their and helping lead the way for this challenge. Michele

  3. Yes, thank you. I can't believe the time has gone past already - that's insane!

  4. Thanks, Debbi, for hosting the challenge. I have made new friends and stayed motivated through the Dog Days. I hope there's another challenge out there to take us through the holidays.

  5. This challenge has gotten me through summer! I have enjoyed it so much and met so many nice people! And your recipes have saved the day nearly every day of the challenge! Thank you so much! My post will be up tomorrow! Thanks again!

  6. As the other folks have said, thanks for doing this challenge Debbie and Mir. It may not have gotten the results some of us were hoping for but the support from the other challengers was helpful. At least to me it was. It helped me stay focused and committed to making some changes. In fact, I'm planning on doing a Commitment to Myself each week to stay motivated.

  7. It's not just you, the summer flies by way too fast but isn't that the way life is after you hit 21?

    Thank you and Mir for organizing and motivating all of us to reach our goals. Even though we may not be where we expected to be when we started, hopefully we're a little closer to our goals and will continue on until we reach them.

    Rock on!

  8. Your challenge this summer is exactly what I needed to get me moving in the right direction! Thank You!!!

  9. I always tell myself, "It will be over before you know it." I used to start diets and cringe thinking how much I had to lose and how i wanted to lose it all so fast, not in a year or TWO years. But the truth is, a year and two years pass by fast. Better to make progress than just worry about time. These weeks zipped by. And as long as we made progress, hooray! Step by step and inch by inch. thanks, Deb.


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