Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 2 ~ Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge ~ 6/2/12

My daughter is doing the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge with me.  She's been steadily gaining weight and we haven't been successful with just "trying to eat more healthy".  I so don't want her to go through what I went through in high school and beyond.  She's at the point where everything she owns is too tight and just not fitting right.  Granted, the nutritional shake mix is costing me money at this point but I if she doesn't lose 15 lbs., we're going to have to buy her a new wardrobe.  So I'm rationalizing that in the long run, not only is this extremely healthier but will also save us from having to buy her clothes in a larger size.  She already has a bin of clothes that are too small that will fit her if she loses weight.  Not to mention the fact that obviously she will feel so much better about herself.  Teenage girls have enough to go through. 

Breakfast - Shake with banana, cocoa powder and PB2
Snack - Pickles, cottage cheese with splenda and cinnamon
Lunch - Shake with peach flavor packet (they give you some nutritional flavor packet samples)
Dinner - Burrito and a half from taco bell. 
Snack - popcorn

Hubs brought home 3 burritos from Taco Bell that his co-workers didn't eat.  We split them so I had 1 1/2.  Blech.  I wish I didn't love taco bell so much.  I looked up the stats and I probably had about 600 calories worth of cold burritos.  I should have had the chili that I had PLANNED to have instead.


  1. I'm a Taco Bell lover myself, but I too would feel disappointed to realize I ate 600 cals of burrito, and it wasn't even hot! lol Still, it looks like you did really well for the day! Did you daughter have the chili? I want to see what she's eating too-I'm such a curious person.

  2. My brother was selling this. Or it might have been monavie. Anyway, let us know how it goes.


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