Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 8 ~ Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge ~ 6/8/12

Busy, busy, busy day!  I homeschool my kids and I do daycare. It's tough to homeschool while doing daycare so of course I look forward to summers where the school schedule isn't so rigid.  What I seem to forget, is that I have more kids here in the summer as they don't have school.  I've figured out that adding one more kid to the mix increases the chaos exponentially.  I have kids ranging from 15 to 3 months. It's chaos.  It will take some getting used to.

Breakfast: Body by Vi shake
Lunch: Asian Turkey Wraps, couple chicken nuggets and some fries
Dinner: Body by Vi shake with 1/2 banana
Snack:  3 breadsticks and a pizza crust from Little Ceasars
Snack again:  Homemade ice cream

Lunch was stupid. I decided to eat lunch today rather than having a shake.  I would have been find with my Asian turkey wraps but I picked at the kids' leftover food and ended up eating way too much.

See those snacks at the end?  Uh, totally unnecessary.  I ate them just because they were there. We bought the pizzas for the boys as they were having a sleepover and it was just too hot to cook. I had just had a shake and we were going to leave for the evening. Then I spotted a leftover crust and decided to eat it.  I then craved sauce. So I dipped it in sauce.  Well, there were the leftover breadsticks just sitting there so I ate and finished off the sauce. Dumb, dumb, dumb.  The ice cream I just had a little of. It was an experiment and I wanted to try it.

So it was battle of the leftovers. If I had just avoided them, it would have been an awesome day.  We're having an odd and busy weekend and I'm really, really hoping to stick to the plan!


  1. Life must be crazy home schooling and running a day care! I bet you really enjoy your evenings with the family and no one else. :) Sorry you aren't happy with your choices today but guess what? tomorrow is a new one HURRAY! make good ones tomorrow. :)

  2. Portion control is so tough for me. I always debate between making enough food for two days (and risk eating them all the same day) or take the time to prepare a fresh meal each day, which would be ideal but is also sometimes a pain!

    I can't imagine doing all that AND taking care of kids! Wow!


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